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Consequence of The Decisions of Macbeth

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William Shakespeare live from 1564-1616, and is called the greatest play writer ever.

Shakespear seemed to write Macbeth, according to Issac Newtons, "Law of Relativity". The law

is that every action will have a reaction. This law effects the plots and strategies of the

characters in Macbeth, and ultimately gives the play suspense. Every character in Macbeth is

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effected by this law, but mainly; Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and Macduff. For every action in the

play Macbeth, whether it is positive or negative, will have consequences.

The antagonists Macbeth is played by Newtons law the most. Macbeth killed his friends

Banguo and Duncan to capture and keep power of Scotland. These killing's for self interest ,

cause Macbeth to deal with a great deal of grief. This grief causes Macbeth to see things, such as

the ghost of Banguo. "Avaunt! And quit my sight, let the earth hide thee/ Thy bones are marrow

less, thy blood is cold;/ Thou has no speculation in those eyes/ Which thou dost glare

with"(.4.4-7). This quotation was used when Macbeth's grief caused him to see the ghost of

Banguo and humiliating himself infront of his henchmen. Even with Macbeth in control of

Scotland, he can not keep control of himself for killing Banguo and Duncan he becomes king,


but is haunted by these deaths until the rest of his days.

Even those no physically connected to the murder, can still be affected by this law. Lady

Macbeth persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan and Banguo. This guilt leads to her confessing sleep

walks and to commit suicide. Although Lady Macbeth did not kill anyone, her contribution made

it seem like her hands were as bloody as he husbands. "Here's the smell of blood still. All the

perfumes/ of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand".(5.1.48-4); she said, as she confessed to

the doctor and the servant while sleep walking. Guilt also caused the Queen to kill herself, and

to leave the pain behind, as well as Macbeth. Convincing Macbeth to take charge and kill

Duncan, led to the lose of her mind, during sleepwalking, and caused her death.

Not is it that only negative actions have consequences in Macbeth, but positive deeds will

also have consequences. When Macduff, left his family in Scotland, to convince Malcolm to

take the throne from Macbeth. This action caused Macbeth to kill Macduff's son and his wife.

After hearing of this Macbeth began to mourn for his late family, Malcolm then tested

Macduff's manhood to which Macduff replied, "I shall do so/ But I must also feel it as a man./ I

cannot remember such things were,/ That were most precious to me. Did Heaven look on,/ And

would no take their part? Sinful Macduff, /They were all struck for thee! Naught that I am/ Not

for their own demerits, but for mine/Fell slaughter on their souls...". Macduff's actions of

dethroning Macbeth, caused the death of his family.

According to Issac Newton, in the universe every action has a reaction. This law effects the

characters of Macbeth in positive and negative ways and will often involve some form of guilt.

Barry -

This guilt can cause depression, mental illness, and bodily harm. With all of the characters that

abide by this rule the story must too, which is Macduff defeats Macbeth and Malcolm becomes

king. This law applies to our actions in our life, and the own guilt we feel.

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