Wednesday, June 2, 2021

War Again

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Here were are "again" at the brink of war. Once again Soldiers are

called to protect and defend this country. I stand yet again with tears in my

eyes as the safe world I once knew continues to crumble. War and Violence

have always been in this country but, this has only been the nd I have been

Custom Essays on War Again

able to comprehend. There have been tons of wars but only that I have been

alive to take in. It's scary and certainly not an easy subject to talk about

because it effects everyone in the world and it hits you so hard that your

pushed back and filled with uncontrollable feelings that sometimes push you

to the edge. Doubt, fear, panic, suffering, chaos, destruction, anxiety, and

pain. They all fill your head and take you far away.

I don't like war, nobody does. If anything we'd avoid it if we could and

now men and women of good standing are out there once again defending our

country and our freedom. Soldiers are out their risking their lives for me and

to that all I can do is thank them but, I wish I could do more. It just not

enough. People who don't know us are out their on the battle fields,

practically staring death in the face. Risking everything they have to keep this

country alive. They dropped whatever they were doing, knowing that they

may never see their family again all to stand of up for what is right. Their not

the first, many have went before them to defend our country and that's

phenomenal. Hold on to your friends and family. Keep them close to you

always for it may be the last time spent with them. Never forget to spend

equal amounts of time with them and always let them know you love them.

You can never say that enough.

Saddam Hussein is a man who wants power he can never have so he

took away truth from the Iraqi people and he didn't want to stop there. He

wanted to rule the world. We are free people because we live according to

what we know is right or wrong. If Truth is taken from us, then right or

wrong is taken from us as well. If we don't know right and wrong, then we

can't, we won't control ourselves, but will look to someone else to bring order

through brute force and raw power. We will be controlled by a tyrant, and we

will no longer be free and don't count on that tyrant to be kind or merciful.

He has no sense of right and wrong, either, and will do to us whatever he

wants. What Saddam did to the Iraqi people brought into discovery what

happens to people when there is no truth, to observe and record what people

can do when pushed to the extreme with no ultimate moral foundation. It was

an attempt by a man who is hungry for power to find the most effective way

to rob people of their freedom. The conclusion Take away truth and a tyrant

will rule. "Small wonder, then, that Jesus said, "You shall know the truth,

and the truth shall make you free,' and where else can truth, Real Truth,

come from, than from God, Who is truth by his very nature".

War isn't the answer to everything. We seemed to think to it is. People are

always going to violence and fighting to solve problems but, all it does is

create more of it. I've been looking at people and how they change like the

tide. Here lately, all I have been seeing are people throwing love away and

losing their minds. Or maybe it's me that has gone crazy because I just can't

understand why all these people keep hurting each other. Good love is so

hard to come by. Where is the love in all this? It's like it's completely

vanished. let's pray and send our love and our support to the troops that are

out there protecting us and defending our freedom, send our prayers to them

and their families, and send our gratitude to the ones who went before them

and the one who will go in the future. There will always be threats to peace

and freedom. It's up to us to keep the Love Alive.

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