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Enzymes: Looking how temperature effects enzymes

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Looking At Rates


To investigate how increasing temperature affects the rate of a reaction.


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Hydrochloric Acid + Calcium Carbonate Carbon Dioxide + Calcium Chloride + Water

Hcl(aq) Caco(S) Co(g) Cacl(aq) Ho(L)



Set up equipment like above. Put 150ml of water into the beaker and heat to the desired temperature. The temperatures we used was 0º, 80º, 70º, 60º, 50º, 40º, 0º, 0º (Room Temp). Heat a couple of degrees higher than desired temperature. Then add 15ml of hydrochloric acid into a test tube. Do this in all . Remove the heat source and put in the test tube to heat up the acid. Measure the temperature of the acid and remove at the desired temperature. Remove the test tube and place into a test tube rack and add 1 spatula of Calcium Carbonate and place in the test tube. Start the stop watch and time until the Calcium Carbonate has dissolved. Do this times to make sure that your result is about right.

Science Behind the plan

The scientific aspects behind the experiment are when the water particles are heated they move around faster (vibrate more). This makes the particles collide with each other more often.

Before Heating After Heating

Particles close together Particles move away from each

Other and move more.

The temperature is increased and the particles are getting further and further apart from each other. See diagram above. When the Calcium Carbonate is put into the hot Hydrochloric Acid it dissolves faster because there is faster movement. The particles bounce off each other faster which makes the Calcium Carbonate to dissolve quicker.

As the Calcium Carbonate is heated the particles vibrate more than normal. As the Calcium Carbonate gets hotter the particles move around faster causing them to break away from each other. As the temperature increases the particles in the calcium Carbonate move around faster and faster and break up more. This happens until the particles have broke up completely (dissolved).


My prediction for this experiment is that once we have increased the temperature the Calcium Carbonate will dissolve faster than when the temperature is not as high. This is because of what I explained in the science behind the plan.


Test Temp Time Average

A 0º 1.7(s) 17.50(s) 1.70(s) 1.0(s)

B 80º 4.64(s) 48.41(s) 41.60(s) 41.6(s)

C 70º 68.6(s) 46.1(s) 56.(s) 57.4(s)

D 60º 5.(s) 5.4(s) 44.00(s) 5.4(s)

E 50º 50.00(s) 5.0(s) 51.5(s) 51.1(s)

F 40º 61.(s) 6.0(s) 61.70(s) 61.7(s)

G 0º 65.00(s) 6.(s) 60.15(s) 6.5(s)

H 0º 70.00(s) 75.00(s) 7.00(s) 7.7(s)

(Room Temp)


My results support my prediction because the higher the temperature is the lower the time it takes for the Calcium Carbonate to dissolve. When the temperature is lower the calcium carbonate takes longer to dissolve. As you can see in my results.

In my results the time for the calcium Carbonate to dissolve increases at 70º then decreases again at 60º and 50º then increases again at 40º. As you can see from my results.

This causes an anomaly in my graph.

This confirms the particle theory that higher temperatures give higher kinetic energy to particles therefore the probability of a reaction increases due to particles colliding more often and harder.


My results and graph show that the increase in the temperature makes the Calcium Carbonate to dissolve faster. The reaction Hydrochloric Acid and calcium Carbonate takes along time to dissolve at low temperatures.

My results show that this theory is correct with just a few anomalies. This is because of slight differences in the times of which the calcium Carbonate took to dissolve.

I could improve the experiment by measuring exactly how much Calcium Carbonate I am putting in my measuring it's mass. I could heat all the test tubes with the Hydrochloric Acid to the right temperature at the same time then put in the calcium Carbonate in at the same time and time them. I could also improve the experiment by timing how long it takes to dissolve by being more precise on when to stop the clock. By this I mean making sure that there is no more bubbles coming off at all.

My results are good because the times for the Calcium Carbonate to dissolve are close. There are not many times which jump really far apart from each other in the same group. They are really close. This is because I put the right amount of Hydrochloric acid in and heated to the right temperature. I think that there is enough evidence to say that the theory for Calcium carbonate to dissolve faster at higher temperatures is correct.

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