Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Next Life

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The Next Life

Reincarnation is when one dies and their souls gets reborn into another person body. In here, you will know how all this works. Reincarnation does exist.

You will get what you deserve to get next life. If you behave or act good in life now, you will receive good in your next life. You can go to heaven if you choose to. Which you can go and reincarnate into life again. If you behave bad, you next life will become worsen. You will probably be poor and have to work twice as hard in your next life. Life doesn't end once you're dead.

Being punish in hell. When you died everyone has to go to hell first, then the judge there will look back what you have done so far, before you died and how you died. The judge there will add up every single little thing that you do, that is bad. Killing live things, wasting food, and cussing (especially at your parents) are also an example of being bad. If bad, you will be in deep punishment, such as beating you up, whipping, boiling you, etc. You can be a chicken and get kill for food, if your past life is killing chickens. You can be a duck and get shot from the air by hunters. You will get punish for what you've done, just like now.

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Before being reincarnated. You will have to drink a special tea that will erase all your previous memories. You will drink this right when you are stepping in the tunnel to begin the process. Everyone has to do this or else you can't be reincarnated. You will go into a tunnel that will lead your soul into the born baby. While the woman or lady is pushing the baby, that's when your soul is processing. When the head of the baby comes out, you're born! Right before the process of reincarnation.

Even though you died, that doesn't take care of everything. Life in hell is just the same as life right now. You drive, live in houses, work, get money, etc. This affects me big time when my mom told me this, but I don't know about others. Not many people believe this. Reincarnating is a thing that you either agree or disagree with

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