Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Early Morning Trio

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By Tommy Lones

The Early Morning Trio

Have you ever had a long night of studying and writing papers and finally get to sleep at around 00 am, and bright and early at 70 am an orchestra of bush-cutters, lawnmowers and leaf blowers comes flying into your ear via window? If so, I feel your pain, it should be illegal . You can hear it coming from a distance and you know in the back of your head its just going to get worse and worse, a lawnmower comes creeping to your window, much louder in the morning because your ears are just as new to sound as if you were a new born child, and stays for a good five to 10 minutes. After the lawnmower leaves you have about 10 minutes before its distant relative, the bush cutter, makes its way slowly into you virgin eardrums playing the part of a percussionist. It's now somewhere around 804 when you finally fall back to sleep, when all of a sudden you hear a faint sound of a tiny hurricane approaching closer and closer, then out of nowhere tiny debris starts flying trough your window, it's the leaf blower. The leaf blower may as well be the icing on the cake because that's the most annoying sound on earth when it hits you that early in the morning, you get up make your self a cup of coffee with your eyes not even half open, when all of the sound stops. Finally, silence, but by now you are all woken up and not able to get back to sleep even if you tried, all thanks to the morning orchestra you get four hours of sleep and enough bags under your eyes to commute you to Paris.

In the previous paragraph it explains a certain thing that I particularly hate, but I now not only hate the sound of the parade in the morning, I also dislike the workers, the annoying conductors of the quartet, that wake up the whole neighborhood at the crack of dawn. Lastly, I would like to thank the inventors of such machines that make so much noise just to move a few leaves off the sidewalk, while providing an early morning alarm clock for half the block.

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