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Wallace Stevens, a Man With Out Recognition

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Wallace Stevens is considered to be one of the most profound poets in the 0th century. He was a man with no boundaries who explored the contrasted aspects between concrete reality and human imagination. He was not a famous poet until his last book was published in 154, a year before his death, although his first book was published 0 years before hand. Stevens is a great example of poets writing and taking material from their own personal lives and of those around them.

Stevens was born in Reading Pennsylvania on October , 187. He was from Dutch origin; the son of Garret Barcalow Stevens, a respected lawyer in the Reading area. He attended Lutheran church schools before going to Reading Boy's High School where his mother taught for most of her life. He attended Harvard, there he started his writing career. He wrote for the Harvard Advocate, Trend, and Harriet Monroe's Magazine Poetry. However he did not graduate instead he transferred to a New York Law school.

"Mr. Stevens said that, poetry was his way of making things palatable 'Its the way of making ones experience, almost wholly inexplicable, acceptable,' he said"

(http// Stevens fulfilled a life full of many new experiences, and he was always willing to accept them. His way of reflection was through poetry. After he passed the US bar in 10 he became a reporter for the New York Tribune, and then a lawyer for many different New York Firms from 104-107. In 108 he secured a position at the American Bonding Company. Then in 116 he joined the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company where he became vice president in 15. Also in 116 he wrote his first play Three Travelers watch a sun rise. His first poetry collection was published in 1 it was called Harmonium, he was forty-four. After that he took a break for 10 years, in this time he married and had a child and then continued to write and published many more books.

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Harmonium was published in 1. Although it was well received by most reviewers, such as Marianne Moore, it sold only one-hundred copies. "From one end of the book to the other there is not an idea that can vitally affect the mind, there is not a word that can arouse emotion. The volume is a glittering edifice of icicles. Brilliant as the moon, the book is equally dead," wrote Percy Hutchinson in The New York Times (August , 11). Now Harmonium is recognized as one of the most amazing American Poet books of our time. Poems which are included are The Emperors Ice cream, which was about his wife, Elise Kachel cheating on him, and Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Bird. Most of his Poems were autobiographical. Stevens also included Sunday Morning, his famous breakthrough piece of work. It starts with coffee and oranges in a sunny chair but end with images of another reality, death, and universal chaos. Stevens also wrote much about writing poetry and in A Primitive Like an Orb he stated We do not prove the existence of the poem.

It is something seen and known in lesser poems.

It is the huge, high harmony that sounds

A little and a little, suddenly,

By means of a separate sense.

Wallace Stevens wrote during the Modernist Revolution. This was around the same time that human nature went under a fundamental change. "The statement testifies to the modern writer's fervenry desire to break with the past, rejecting literary traditions that seemed outmoded and diction that seemed to genteel to suit an era of technological breakthroughs and global violence." (http// Around the time right before World War I there was a burst of creative energy with not only poetry but every field of artistic nature, this was called Modernism. Wallace Stevens was one of a handful of Poets who were effected by this, It was said that he "pressed back at the pressure of reality."

In 146 Stevens was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters, in 150 he received the Bollingen Prize in Poetry, and in 155 he was awarded both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. In 14 The Wallace Stevens Award was established and is annually given to recognized outstanding and proven mastery in the art of Poetry.

Ten years before Wallace Stevens death he entered into a creative period, which he wrote under until August , 155 when he past away at the age seventy-six. He was in the comfort of his home in Hartford Connecticut where he had lived for his entire adult life. Since his death Stevens reputation has grown and his work, which treats philosophical matters in a witty and profound way, is regarded as a major corpus of twentieth century poetry.

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