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Bush should not declare war on Iraq

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President George W. Bush has decided to wage war against Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein, and deployed more than 10,000 troops surround Iraq by the middle of February 00. Although the war plans have been delayed by Turkish intransigence and the opposition of France, German, Russia China and inside the United Nations, the process of sending troops to Iraq has been keeping on going.

Bush said There are those nations in Europe ¡ª France and Germany ¡ª who do not see Saddam Hussein as a direct threat. And we just have a difference of opinion. We can say everyone opposing the war has a different opinion from his, but before we give our opinion of whether we should support the war on Iraq or oppose it, we should know why Bush is going to launch the war on Iraq.

Bush¡¯s claimed two reasons are to stop Saddam from building weapons of War and the supposed ties to terrorism and Al Qaeda, but we know from Washington Post, in 18 the International Atomic Energy Agency certified that Iraq no longer had any viable nuclear program, and Vincent Cannistraro (former director of the CIAs counter-terrorism office) has said that there is no confirmed evidence of Iraqs links to terrorism program. It seems more acceptable that we believe the real reasons are the Bush administration want to control Iraq¡¯s large oil supply and keep pesky domestic issues buried, according the article When Domestic Issues Get Tough - Got War? He can¡¯t persuade UN to support him, because he has no sufficient reasons to launch the war.

I oppose the war, not because I support Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has an appetite for nuclear weapons, and he repress the Iraqi people, abuse children, according to the White House website.

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I oppose the war on Iraq is because the disadvantages of a war carry more weight than the advantages of a war.

First, financial funds and material will be used up. President Bush¡¯s chief economic adviser estimated that the U.S. has to spend between $100 billion and $00 billion to wage an Iraq war. ¡°The congressional Budget office calculates that the cost of preparing for war in Iraq could reach $1.5 billion, plus a billion for every month troops await action¡±(quoted from the magazine Newsweek). Abraham Lincolns Treasury secretary estimated the direct cost of the war to the North would be $40 million (in 00 dollars) or about 7 percent of gross domestic product, but it ended up costing $. billion, about 1 times the original cost. In fact, nobody exactly knows how much it costs during a war. All we know is the expenditures are too high and not worth. The value of the destroyed civil installations and crops are astonishing .To keep soldier¡¯s fighting capacity, weapons, equipments, facilities and ordinary supply must be abundant.

Second, health and human life will be endangered. A war against Iraq sets the stage for further bloody conflicts, which threaten death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. In the last century, wars cost the lives of 7,000,000 soldiers and hundreds of millions of civilians. ¡°The number of Afghan civilians killed by US bombs has surpassed the death toll of the 11 September attacks, according to a study by an American academic. Nearly ,800 Afghans died between 7 October and 7 December, University of New Hampshire Professor Marc Herold said in a research report. I think that a much more realistic figure would be around 5,000. You know for Afghanistan, ,700 to 5,000 is a really substantial number. (quoted from the comment of Civilian Death Toll- War on Terrorism). If the weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles are used in a war, can you imagine what will be left after the war?

Third, a war can influence people¡¯s emotion and spirit. A war gives not only physical but also emotional hurt. A solider attended Gulf War a few years ago, said that he always depressed, and regretted deeply about he had done in the war. He thought he would never completely recover.

Finally, war can cause environmental destruction. For centuries, military leaders have destroyed the environment in order to gain an advantage on their enemies, said former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. Water supply is poisoned, and their air fouled, a host of cancers and respiratory illnesses multiply premature deaths.

War has many disadvantages, and most of the disadvantages are vital and inevitable. So we should do our best to prevent war.

The Maine Senate of the United States has endorsed a resolution Tuesday that asks President Bush to pursue a diplomatic solution with Iraq rather than going to war, get from Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc. Campaigns opposing war in Iraq are underway in Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, California of America. The public opposition of the war on Iraq is growing in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom ¡­¡­

If Bush makes his finial decision to launch the war on Iraq, regardless the opposition of the people all over the world, he will be no better than Saddam or even worse.

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