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Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was born The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer on July 1, 161. She was the third female child to Viscount and Viscountess Althorp. Diana had two older sisters, Sarah and Jane and one younger brother, Charles. She did well in swimming and dancing. She especially loved ballet and wanted to pursue it but her height of 5' 10 1/" made her too tall to dance professionally. At her boarding school, West Heath, she visited the mentally and physically handicapped. This is where Diana discovered she had a natural aptitude for this type of work. These efforts gave her a sense of achievement. . After high school, Diana went to a finishing school in Switzerland. Although she loved skiing, her grades were still poor and she missed home. She begged her parents to send her home. This was the norm for girls her age to begin searching for a suitable husband. Diana was also interested in finding her Prince Charming. For her coming-of-age present Diana's parents rented her an apartment at Coleherne Court in London. This is where she lived during her courtship to Prince Charles. For work, Diana worked at a kindergarten and also looked after an American oil executive's children a few days a week. Diana's older sister Sarah started dating Prince Charles in 177. They dated for nine months. Diana first met Prince Charles at her home when she was 16. Her sister's relationship with the Prince ended because Sarah loved the publicity too much and often said the wrong things to the press. Towards the end of their romance, Diana was invited to Charles's 0th birthday party at Buckingham Palace. . Diana started seriously dating the Prince in July of 180. He was and she was 1. Their early dates consisted of Diana watching Charles play polo and then there was always a barbeque afterwards. Since he was in his thirties, Prince Charles was getting pressure from his family to marry and start a family. His duty was to marry to produce and heir to the throne. While dating, he lavished her with expensive gifts as well as said and did all the right things. Charles and Diana were never left alone together. This bothered Diana. There were always other guests around, including Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana was suspicious of Camilla from the beginning. Charles told Camilla everything, even his intimate conversations with Diana. Camilla often gave Diana advice on Charles, which Diana found confusing. On February 6, 181 Charles asked Diana to be his bride and on February 4, 181 their engagement was officially announced to the public. During the engagement, Diana's bulimia started to flare up. On July , 181 Diana became the Princess of Wales. She was the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne for 00 years. Diana believed now that the wedding was over the press would leave her alone. The following October she became pregnant. On New Years day, when Diana was three months pregnant she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself down a flight of stairs. The baby was unharmed and on June 1, 18 Prince William was born. Diana and Charles were happy for a short time and again when Diana became pregnant again in 184. Charles was desperate for a girl and Diana already know she was having a boy and didn't' tell Charles. When Prince Harry was born on September 5, 184, Diana felt this was the end of their marriage. Diana focused her energy outside the home doing AIDS counseling, work with leprosy and drug addiction. She felt she had a natural aptitude towards this type of work. She became President or Patron for over 100 charities. They mutually decided to separate in December of 1. . The Prince and Princess officially divorced in August of 16.

Diana died on August 1, 17 in a terrible car crash in Paris, France.

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