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1. What two main types of roots do plants have? Tap roots and fibrous roots

. If a large, heavy, tall tree had a fibrous root system instead of a tap root, what problems or advantages might it have in the following situations?

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(a) A long dry summer. The tree would not be able to get enough water for the amount of mass the tree has as it would be able to stretch out for water.

(b) A winter with lots of rain. The tree would be lucky as it wouldn't have to search out far for water

(c) A sudden period of gale force winds. The fibrous roots are very good at acting like an anchor for the tree. In the winds the tree needs good protection from being ripped up.

. When trees are up rooted in gales they will die. Why might the tree die even if it is lifted up and planted back into the soil? Once it has been pulled up most of the roots would have been damaged and they won't be able to re-heal before the time they need the water and nutrients.

4. Why might a deciduous tree (one that loses it leafs in autumn) have more problems with high winds in summer than in the winter? In summer it has to look after its leafs and the rest of it, but, in winter it shuts down and it stops having to look after it leafs because they turn a different colour because it not longer has chlorophyll.

5. Where do plants get their minerals? The minerals are dissolved in the water in the soil and are taken up through the roots.

6. Why are minerals needed in plants? Minerals are needed because like us, plants need a balanced diet. If they don't they wont have a healthy growth.

7. How is the root system of a plant able to cover a large surface area? Tap roots are big and thick being able to reach out and deep for much needed water the plant need especially in summer. The fibrous roots cover the close areas for water and rooting the plant deep in the ground.

8. Which of the two main types of roots is the most likely to cover the largest surface area in two plants of the same size? The Tap roots cover the large amount of the surface area as they can stretch out further.

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