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Shange Dynasty

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Our major religion is derived from the Hebrew faith, we believe in one god. Religious leaders are chosen ones- the elite few that reflect inner meditation and understanding. Their responsibilities include advising political leaders, teaching and being a discipling the public, blessing the poor and unhealthy, and recording the history of our people. One high priest is appointed to judge all criminal disputes; the law system is based on our moral code called the Chalkhian code, which deems murder, robbery, and adultery and falsehood crimes punishable by court.

We have three religious holidays, which are observed throughout the empire. The first day of planning, when Ala let's down his rains to flood the earth; the first day of harvest, in praise and thanksgiving for Ala's plenty; and the last day of the year, a day of prayer at the end of our observed creation period.

Art is a valuable part of our society and we believe that it is linked closely to religion. Like the Shang Dynasty, we are very skilled with bronze casting. Medals of family crests hang outside our doors to show pride in our heritage. Many vendors can be found on market days peddling beautiful, handcrafted jewelry for the women. Since horses are greatly respected among our people, it is common for official's steeds to be clad in bronze dcor. Another form of art is that which takes place deep in the cellar of our temples where scribes paint our civilization's stories on the walls. Dye from berries and flowers are used to make in mural-like, complete with graphic portrayals of harvest and wartimes.

Architecture is another beautiful artistic aspect of our land. We take great pride in how our capital city looks and functions. Our buildings reflect influences from Egypt and other civilizations.

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Family structure in Chalkhi is based on filial piety. We find it very important to care for your family; strong families make a strong government. The elders are the most respected in the family because of their wisdom in the ways of the world.

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