Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bull crap

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The first warrior found. He loves to collect money (For his father and siblings). Tamahome falls head over heels in love with the priestess. Tamahomes suzaku ability is martial arts. His symbol is located on his forehead and stands for ogre


The second warrior found. He has always dreamed about marrying the priestess. His looks are very womanly and he is often mistaken of a girl. Hotohori also happens to be the emperor of Konan. His suzaku ability is fencing and swordsmanship. His symbol is located on the left side of his neck and stand for sea snake.

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The third warrior found. Nuriko was part of Hotohoris harem. His twin sister died when he was young and he took up her identity. Nuriko wants to marry Hotohori. Her / His suzaku ability is super strength. His symbol is located on his chest above the heart and stands for willow.


The fourth warrior found. Chichiri is a wondering mind who ends every sentence with, "yah-know." He wears a mask to cover a large scare on his face (His friend and him got in a fight over a girl. Chichiri killed his friend and feels really bad.) Chirchuri has been practicing magic with Tyscoon, therefore his ability is magic. His symbol is located on her left knee and stands for water well.


The fifth warrior found. Tasuki is the leader of the Mt. Leikaku bandits and went by Genrou before revealing he was Tasuki. Tasuki hates girls and has a fear of water. His abilities are speed and his iron fan (Tessan) which shoots fire. His symbol is located on his right forearm and stands for wing.


The sixth warrior found. He studied medicine, but stopped when his love feel sick with a plague he could not cure. Mitsukake keeps a cat with him. His ability is healing and exorcism. His symbol is located on the palm of his right hand and stands for sorrow.


The seventh warrior found. He showed up late, but saved everyones life from Ami-boshi. Churiko is only nine years old. His ability is genius intellect and ability to read stars. His symbol is located on the top of his right foot and stand for growth".

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