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Confusion primo creation, mindtrack hussy

On the lamentation, beautifully fussy

Peradventures of the natural born half-wit

Jigging 'round musical chairs looking for a place to sit

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Perforce the main course plays, composed, so stick on the toast I suppose

Free kicks awarded by underhand means

Grace yourself on bargain dreams

The golden world of field bound mice seem

Suited at all points to exist carefully

To run and one day bout gracefully

Coaxed by cotton candy

Eden's dubious penalty

The haunts of society

Stubbornness to resist a love to savour

A way to kind deserted labour

A velvet deer walks across thin branches and moves without a sound; antler's underground

Anon a carelessness up flux creek

Wherefore can you look when the eyeballs at your feet

Yet hope to cope, shake off the quail

Set sail with the killer whale

Rip off the best till you've got mail

Or dance headless chasing your tail

We have no tails to chase we say

That's kind of true in a kinder way

What you up to, what make you hear

Humorous and fond fear

Parts done and graces dusted clear

Causing flesh to rebel steer

Bold face of the highway type

A different story for diverted sight

Practice on uneven plots

Know it alls and give a lots

Abase and boisterous crawl to bed

Unorthodox says little ted

Thrifty hire I save the backpass rule

Enplanted magic gloves to fool

Passed it to the antique world duel

Low content for week's reward, scoring mule

What I'd give for your wit

All of this and more of it

Tis exhausting just wearing it

I'm more a rustic, less of it

Remind me y'all to guard my shins from it

Let me give her food and shelter

The objective to entertain her

A cote with a mote and bounds of feed

As far as my position allows, accommodate her needs

Better talking now or talk a lot less later

Greeting to the crocodiles, 10% for the waiter

Acquainted with the Borrowers, on first term names with each

Dracula with manners second take on take all leech

Dewch da mi (welsh come with me) have a fine time

I'll cover the while in the meantime

So the baboons can bafoon in the toytown kitchen

In despite of my imagination

An if only to lighten the banquet

Respite from this sweltering blanket

To win gold in 04 you'll have to be clever

Like running about for ever and ever

Climbing frame of mind track never says never

Oblivious whether rain or shine weather

Gently dawn uncouthly runs up the roof

Strumming a discord in accordance with the spheres

One tooth for you, fairy pockets the rest

Pulls a sundial from her poke

Intermission toke between the test

For a leftover hard tack or did I transgress

Off beaten tracks, wags to witches

Call me a fool and I'll have you in stitches

Moralamystical day doris day

Vents in this racket give little away

Suits for a yew sir, try dressing a yetty

Senseless of the bob that crashed into the jetty

Under gully anatomized, chance, hits home hypnotised

Late license of the first foot shop

She's invested in an army tank top

Precariously close to ostentatious exhaustion

Positions to function to kind

She touches his veins with her mind

Outer hebredian inland born and bred

Nurtured by nature her mother said

Her loving questions he atunes to answer

Eating a raisin like a reasoned romancer,

To whom the bells rung who rat a tat knolled

Oh please let me in and out of the cold

Upon her command his journey is setting

A secret she suggests keeps the boy guessing

Come bide in my bubble for a wee while

Feminine curvature, ceramic tile

Springer with gin sling in single file

Give the leopard his spots back then run a mile

Rash decisions may cause an itch

Bribing the judge accosting the witch

Doctor Dolittle canny remember

Forget it then, anyways, soon be November

Sea saw sayings of a reformed pantaloon

Hose down her breeches, can't make it too soon

Not to be unkind or longing the tooth

Warped in the effort of chasing lost youth

Just stick to your guns, effigies akin

Limned losing armour and truly begin

The better half made mercy so merciful

Character the evaluation; impressive the courtroomfull

Don't cry the lack, judge the matter of fact

Fleeting fleeces, her smile puts me in creases

Don't be alarmed, I'm content with my harm

Doctor bring me the tar up the road from the farm

Dancing around on my neck in bell-wether

Wintered out, messing 'bout, meddling with meddlers

Catching my Sprite on the buckles of push cart peddlers

Microcosmic alliance, a reliance on hoping

Caparison up for the occasion blooming

Wherein went me; stay it to please her

Wherein went she; furnished naked breather

Over the habit and down to meet another

Running like a rabbit; guise dressed to discipher

Yes, the year of the rabbit doc, couldn't be better

Living eight night weeks, Cony's nine day wonder

When this woman talks you see light after thunder

Shuffling round deck reeling fancy mongers

A cageful of rushes helps to ease the hunger

Her kiss a careful desolation, her lips immaterial, I try not to stagger

Convex hearts pitter patter more than all matter

Read me the damage love, I'll go fix the tapster

We talk scores in traversal time falls around

We tries not to laugh as my might hits the ground

She pretends to swoon so I howl to the moon

Hope to leave with her an impressionable tune

Ever may we be near and may the time be soon (the light gave the go ahead for this one)

We'll die and we'll live at our leisure

The pheonix glass of cleanex to seal up the mind

Correct the watches up with a whined

Make you an instrument anytime

By and by on this I'm vouching

I'll try not lose the buds when hiding in the suds crouching

Like an earthworm wrestling through toil trying to get to fresh sub soil

Come on baby hold me closer, safe in the sake in the knowledge sub rosa

Your proposition winnie stymie, your eyes suggest freaky styly

To see that this heart is plucky, swimming to your rubber ducky

Plummaged through fields of plumbago, poised upon a lucky lingo

Stronger things mixed on a whim's going to sweep you off your limbs

Feeling good as sub 10 hectometre, I'm her runner, her goy, her gopher goer.

A chip off the Old King Lear

Blow away a sennet on a journey to short skirted meads

Find a dame that likes a kettle, that see's herself akin to my mettle

The choicest estimate of senses, Professor bond, please allows me to avow

Assigned my writeful duties, Astro tweeds; for you it is that sweet Hecate bleeds

In a Lion's wardrobe my generation messes

Breathing down collars like an emblem of ferocity blesses

Forever indebt to the nurses in white dresses

Coronet of Notre Dame her skyline caresses

A rice paper cone I make from the shaft

Forked like a knife uncorked with a laugh

Genuine reflection, a bodily contraction, stake my life on opinion

The pawn in the shop and the bishop's recommendation

Backing the horse that's one in a million

The prawn in the creek with the rooks that be fishing

She strains the oolong as the fanfare flourishes away

In a different country to pursue customary

Tenderless tender for tender care as she guards her life with expectant flare

Dismantles the walls that strangered her from her best object to get to him somewhere

Someone subtracts what is pieced together, forgets about the curses forevouched

Worthy of love from the first moonshine

Roof supports that make believe and make her look for further signs

All this left unspoken; the creatures prized by her father have awoken

Brick a brac; a world unfolding…

Withdrawal therewithal; the beginning

To the end of unconstant starts. I' th' heat on the boarded street

We dance. She stands on my hairy feet.

Believing is seeing our piece of time is short of being

(Her man aint all hardy fop prescribed with assimilation

With a casement in his closet on a limited medication)

Eny meenie you are not it; breech the sound out

Proofread with his ears to hear what it's all about

Wound up in confidence now that the game is out

Forfeit last rollo to know what the truths about

The best of their time they will surely follow about

Withdrawal therewithal until withal from surfeit requirement

I scream cause Draco's tail's now flashing about

Her lids powdered kohl; her neck laced with gold

The labyrinth all left untold or if at all, laconical

Fa, sol, la, ti, ray, mi; the waking dead in bedlum mould

Greeting ships like long lost amities

Self restrained himself withdrawn

Out to sea he soldiers on

Clams for his calamities

She returns to him when he arrives

Her body never at a fitter time

And now their love's discussed openly

A,B,B,A on the way with the cutest baby eyes

Breed and born and feeding on candy

Defused in darkness, lightness within

She treats her blockhead to a week in Berlin

With tickets for the low game and the bandy

This be here mine Uncle

This be here maunty

She's the antithesis of him

And he'll be the death of her

What the hell; meet the whole family

Salt away, sock away, portable property

Don't lifeless, all to live for

Don't bet less than you play for

Don't wait less than they wait for

Don't count less than accounted for

Don't duty less than is dutiful

So spotless, Mutley barking a mouthful

Coming to a theatre near you we're hopeful

To say what they dream, least try to make meaningful

Mind, keep it clean, Gran'll give you an earful

The people cheer cause people get cheerful

Pass me your glass and I'll pour you a tearful

Gall from the laugh with this bladder laughable

Round of applause cause this playlet is plausible

Becoming audasiously oddily audible

Got to give credit where credit's incredible

Accredit merit if merit's renewable

Sail down the Suez, all motley's are sewable

(better beware afore these ensuing words morph into something altogether chewable…eaten whole, in a oner, unsavoured, to then suffer a grulling time consuming digestational processional demise. Recess over. Music recommences 'cause it just does…

Full of suggestions to help where is possible

Leaving Las Vagas with more to the score

Feed for the room and you know the score

Energy efficient minus the wild monopoly

Play little bo peep with eatable paper money

Blind myself as our star turns sunny

Binding myself like a bandaged mummy

Finding myself on a loaf that's dry cracker yummy

It and the taste buds get real chummy

Lip smacking ear-kissing argument

Stray into the pound of Lipsbury Pinfold

An elephant trunkful of goods and bads

Carbonado 'cross new and old

Holy cords with the Datsun Fords

A very vary gale

An epileptic with a smile

Jill O where's me pail

Residence at Camelot

Candid speech a cloak

A candid-crafty shifty bloke

Thinking shifty thoughts

Reverence for the reverent

Misconstructed rude

It wasn't my intention

To act so bad, no good

Nightly vantage sound and sleep

Must take advantage points

Happy go than lucky

Attending to my joints

An elfish maid with elflocks

Tangled up in blue

The proof is in the pudding

Hope you thought this through

Well for all it's worth

I'm mo a man than wit

Don't you light the candle

Feathery blue tit

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