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Asian american experience

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China Men and America is in the heart both novels are written to describe the immigration and assimilation experience of Asian Americans. The former is written by Maxine Kingston the latter is by Carlos Bulosan, both writers focus on the exploitation of immigrants by the white citizens and better established Asian immigrants. The process of exploitation benefited Maxine Kingston while nearly destroyed Carlos Bulosan. In this essay I will use two examples from each novel to demonstrate the process of exploitation and its affects on both writers.

The struggle of the immigrants from the Far East to acquire a place in American society can only be compared in its harshness to the struggle of former Black slaves and Native Americans. The plight of assimilation for Asian Americans was marked by violence, exclusion and severe exploitation. Traveling across the Pacific Ocean Chinese immigrants came to the gates of Angel Island to escape the hardships of their homeland and to return with relief for the family members left behind. To find work and to be treated fairly was the mission for most of the men who braved the passage to America. They arrived 60 years before the Filipino immigrants begun flocking to the United States seeking similar benefits as the other immigrant groups.

They found a place that had almost every characteristic of a perfect home. "It was like coming home after a long voyage," writes Carlos Bulosan (America is in The Heart pg), upon his first glance of America. The only thing missing were the perfect neighbors. While the immigrants came in search of wealth and security, the established Americans were awaiting a cheap labor force. The immigrants were supposed to give up their lives for this nation, but were not allowed to make it their home. The growing nation refused to share its fruits with men who looked nothing like the white majority.

There was a clash of agendas and the dominant force was wining with the help of immigrants who betrayed their homeland brothers and joined forces with the white citizens in the fight to gain benefits by exploiting the new immigrants. Carlos Bulosan gives several examples of such misconduct in his novel America is in The Heart. Upon Bulosan's arrival he and his fellow travelers are robbed and are unable to pay their rent. In turn they are handed over by the proprietor to a Filipino men who forces Carlos and his companions to work in the fish canneries in Alaska. Max Feuga a Filipino men was the contractor who ran the fishing canaries for a company probably owned by a white man, since to own a business one needed to deal with a lot of legal matters. Immigrants were kept out of the courts especially Filipino and Chinese men. Max Feuga did not help Carlos to his fare wages instead he striped him of everything but meagerly thirteen dollars for a season of hard work.

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This scenario set the stage for Carlos's life, plagued with similar intrusions upon him and his attempts fight the injustice. Following his first unsatisfying labor experience in America Carlos finds his way on to a truck that takes him to an apple orchard there he works under Paez's leadership. Paez is a Filipino contractor providing Labor for a Frenchmen's orchard. Bulosan and his coworkers become victims of Paez's greed. Paez leaves one day to pick up the paychecks and never returns. Once Again Carlos was duped out of his wages by a man of his own dissent. Even when Carlos got a paycheck the earnings were meager. Workers were replaceable and if one group of immigrants struck there were replacement groups willing to work. Unfair labor practices were not the only way fresh immigrants were exploited; gambling and crime ate away at an already impoverished community.

For a brief period in his life Carlos Bulosan played a role of an exploiter, using gambling and crime to make his living. Carlos admitted to this part of his life, yet he denounced his ways by admitting and confronting the guilt he felt after cheating a group of immigrant workers in a game of chance. He confronted his guilt by buying groceries for everyone he cheated. Carlos flirted with the life of crime. His stint as a criminal ended in despair. Carlos was forced to flee after his partner in crime killed the husband of his ex wife. His unfulfilling life as an exploiter of his people leads Carlos in to the Labor movement.

After suffering exploitation first hand Carlos wanted a revolution. He fought hard to make a change and unite the workers. His fight reached an explosive pinnacle at which Carlos is nearly killed. He was lucky to walk away with a limp and his life. Violence, scab workers and professional saboteurs constantly broke up Carlos's socialist activities. Exploitation left Carlos disillusioned with America his fight against it nearly took his life.

Carlos ended up on a hospital bed dying of tuberculoses. He fought the decease and had to undergo several surgeries. His fight against the exploitation of workers was put on hold and his career as a literary righter was taking shape.

His countless brushes with unfair labor practices shape him in to a revolutionary thinker. Refusing to give in to the system that treats men unfairly Carlos joined the labor movement

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