Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Protect the animal

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¡§People should not kill animal¡¨

The general public should be more serious to protect the animals. In each year, there are a huge amount of animals being killed of reasonless.

According to several organizations for the protecting of animals, many healthy, innocent and defenseless animals are needlessly killed in animal shelters because they cannot find a home. However, many of them may have a home once but they were abandoning from their owner, and ended up death.

As the overpopulation grows, so does the killing. The environment pollution is also causes the animal¡¦s death. These causes of killing are increasing .8% compare to last year. For example, there are thousands of fishes are dieing because the people are polluting oil into it; the birds are dieing because the cars and the industrials are polluting too much gas, and foxes are dieing for the same reason because environment has been polluted and their homes destroyed.

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Other common reasons, for example, the animals are attacked and killed by the merchants for goods. For instance, many of the elephants have been killed to because those merchants just want to take away the ivory from them and remake it into products. There are many other sadness examples about how merchants kill animal of reasonless. However, the society didn¡¦t make a strong view to stop those miserable actions.

Especially, all of those miserable actions had to deal with human. I think our society should not allow it, funds it, and justifies it by saying it is humane. For my belief, there are many pretty and smart animals are waiting for our help. I have been grown with animals; I love and care for them. I never wanted to lose them. I believe many people are just love the animal like I do, but they didn¡¦t figure these harmful situations abut animal. And we must care more about life and only we have the power to do something to stop the killing. Otherwise soon and later, we will lose all of these interesting animals.

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