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A misunderstanding

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From the next room came a deafening sound of a slap. I could bear it no longer. I dashed into my room and slammed the door hard. The image of my dad slapping my mum kept wavering in my mind. The screams and sobbing seeped through the thin wall of my room and trailed me. I tried to cry out loud, but I could not. I really felt that dad was destroying this home. He had been cheating on us. I knew who this lady is. She was the one who broke up this lovely and warm home.

I always collect the mail from the stainless steel letter-box on my way home from school. I made a point to find out who had written what and could recognized the handwriting and typefaces the senders used. It was early May when I noticed a new sender. The handwriting was messy and I had never seen it before. It was addressed to my dad. Out of curiosity, I turned over the plain brown envelope and saw the name and address of the sender- Karen.

My heart nearly jumped out. I remembered hearing my dad coo on the phone with a lady called Karen. Always, "Yes, Karen" or "anything you say, Karen" or "I'll be there soon, Karen. Just give me a minute." And then he would rush off to return only in the wee hours to quarrel with mum.

This is the Karen who had taken away my happiness. Lately however, I had been hearing voices of shouting and pleadings. My heart was wrenched. I would lie awake in the dark gloomy room, picturing my poor mum, tears streaking down her white-washed face.

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Karen must stop seeing dad and only then would dad return to this family. And we would once again be a happy family. I wrote letters to Karen, telling her tales of dad. When dad knew it he just hurled abuses at mum, hit her and blamed her for these letters written to Karen. Mum keep shaking her head, denying what dad accused her of. Dad's words sliced through my thoughts. "Don't try to deny it, I know it's you! Karen has shown me the letter and it was written on the notepad that you always buy from this stationary store downstairs!" Oh! How stupid was I to use this, knowingly that he would recognize the notepad.

The next day, I decided to skip my training. I dragged myself home as the sweltering heat from the scorching sun had high temperatures; I was already drenched in my own perspiration.

At home, my mother greeted me with a serious tone and a solemn face. "Joan, I need to talk to you." I nodded and settled down on the couch. "I've filed for a divorce with your dad," she paused, as though waiting for my reaction. I just kept quiet as I tried hard to control my emotions.

Mum told me that dad was a very sick man. For the last eight months, they had been quarreling non-stop over his need for a psychiatrist. Mum said that it's genetic and he can't help himself. He always had the feeling that someone wanted to hurt him. And he would always write letter to a lady named Karen and Karen would reply him. However, Karen and dad are the same person. He would also talk on the phone assuming that Karen was at the other side of the line. Mum continued saying that this morning, when I was in school, Dad threatened to kill mum then commit suicide. Mum had no other alternative but to call the police. They took him to the mental hospital.

After knowing what had took place, I just ran out of the house, my mind was whirling and I did not know what to do. I had misunderstood dad. Dad, hang on. I am sure that everything would be fine for you, I was wrong to misunderstand you and I know that mum will understand the situation you're in. it just takes time to heal the wound.

I ran to the mental hospital, wanting to hug dad and say apologize to him. I hoped that I'm not too late.

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