Monday, June 28, 2021

Strange Boy Habits

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His Lack Of Courage Sick of waiting for your crush to ask you out? Ask him! Any guy will tell you that confidence is much sexier than what you wear or how you look. So your chances of scoring a date are much higher if youre brave enough to bite the bullet. Get over the idea that if a boy liked you, hed make the first move. It is outdated to think that all you have to do is look pretty and smile to win a boys affections. Sure, its flattering to be pursued, but most guys are just as scared as girls when it comes to declaring feelings. Why? Think about it. even though theyre not likely to tell you or your friends about it, they have the same freak-outs about rejection that you do. Not every guy is bursting with confidence just like not every girl is. This rule applies to friendships as well. Its easier to make girl friends because you have lots more in common. So get to know the boys in your life as friends and make a little effort to talk to them without the hidden agenda of snaring a boyfriend.

His Sports Obession Whether theyre talking about it, watching it or playing it, guys love sport. Most will admit to a mild obession with football, basketball, baseball, cricket, motorbikes or a girl called Anna Kournikova. If it was just about keeping fit, you could understand the devotion- but its not. What gets really confusing is hgow someone could spend an entire weekend in front of the TV watching sport, when its beautiful outside. What drives this obsession? Two things competitiveness and tribal behaviour. Boys are naturally competitive and they like the idea of belonging to a team. If their teams playing, they want to watch then celebrate the victory as if it was their own. Try and accept this for what it really is- behaviour thats not going to change. Making jokes when his team loses (again) is not going to endear you to any die-hard sports fan. Trust me, he wont find it funny.

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