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B-boy vocabulary

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B-boy Vocabulary

Here you will find certain lingo's and phrases used by B-boys. This will help you understand more about the Breaking Nation. First of all a "B-boy" or "B-girl" is a person that is a breakdancer. They are the people in the middle of a crowd showing their skills.1. Top rock If you plan to take up breakdancing, you should start with top rock because it is the basic move for all breakers. Top rock is just like when you dance on your feet. You can show your style by doing top rock.. Footwork is another basic move, but you have to be on the floor and not standing up.. Freeze this is like a pose. You do this to impress the crowd and to show how much control you have with your body. The best freezes are when you are in the most awkward position to make it look hard.4. Powermoves These are the hardest moves a B-boy can learn. You can tell what a powermove is when you see breakers spinning in some way or flying through the air.5. Popping Another basic move, but as you get into it you will find it is also very difficult to learn. Popping is something like what a mime does. You must move the music and pretend you are doing something; you must convince the audience of what you are doing. I.e. driving a car or Heartbeat.6. Flavor Is your style. It is your top rock, footwork, freezes, and powermoves combined. You can make yourself different by doing either more footwork than top rock or more powermoves, etc…

There are many different style of breaking out there, but this is basically what they consist of.

Different kinds of Freezes, Powermoves and Popping.Freezes

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V-kick Nike

L-kick One-hand stand

Headstand Hollow back


Windmills Flare

10's Head-spin

000's Halo

Hand-spin Airtrack


Heartbeat Robot

Liquid Matrix


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