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Names that devide

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NAMES THAT DIVIDE in the modern Society of South Africa

The following will give you a short overview of apartheid-wise subdivision of the South African population and its current usage.

Whites Refers to anyone of European descent and is quite okay to use. However, the apartheid engendered non-white which meant that everyone else in the entire country is a total no-no.

Black When used as a political term as in black liberation movement, it applies to Africans, Indians and Coloured people all those fighting for political rights. But quite often it is used to mean only Africans, especially during Apartheid describing the people belonging to the more than 10 African native chiefdoms.

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Quite correctly it is used in terms like black township although you could just name the area - Soweto or Mamelodi. There is no harm in using it to describe a person as in black woman, but ONLY if there is a reason to distinguish colour, otherwise woman is obviously more adequate.

Coloured Refers to people of mixed race, a group made distinct by Apartheid despite their sometimes very similar heritage to the Afrikaners. Frequently referred to as the Bruin Afrikaners or Brown Afrikaners. There are about different subdivisions made by the Apartheid government just within the Coloured group.

Asian In the apartheid race classification, Asian was used to refer to almost anyone with roots in the Indian sub-continent and Asia. Many Indian and Chinese immigrants find it extremely offensive, especially as it takes no cognisance of the vast diversity of nations in that region.


Sotho, Tswana, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Venda, Shangan- major African (black) peoples with own languages.

English refers to English speaking population

Afrikaner person of European, mostly Dutch or German origin, whose mother tongue is Afrikaans.

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