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Macbeths downfall was not determined by 1 single cause but by major aspects combining to take Macbeth down. The major aspects of Macbeths downfall were supernatural, he was seen to be king by promising him the title of thane of cawdor and fulfilling this promise. After seeing hat the witches predictions were coming true, Macbeths ambition and greediness take over him. Once Macbeth gives into these

cocky that he has no one left to help him which leads to his death.

The nd factor that leads Macbeth to his downfall was lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is really the one who pushes Macbeth to commit the murder on Duncan which really starts out the whole chain reaction of events. Lady Macbeth knows what Macbeth wants, and that is to be king. She knows that Macbeth will be able to do it on his own so she has to push him and pressure him into killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth does this for Macbeth, so that he will become king, which is what he wants. She does not do any of this for herself but strictly for Macbeth. Although lady Macbeth also wants some royalty and what not, she never does mention it in the play. In order for Macbeth to be king he must kill Duncan. But he keeps thinking twice about it and debates if he should do it or not. In lady Macbeths mind, Macbeth backing down and not committing the murder is not even an option. In order for Macbeth to commit this murder he needs someone to push him, and that is exactly what lady Macbeth does. She continuously pressures Macbeth by questioning his manly hood, his bravery and ambition. She even brings to account his lover for her in order to get him to commit this murder. This murder is the first committed by Macbeth, but once he finishes with this murder he gets blood thirsty and continues to murder more and more people which eventually lead to his death.

The rd and final factor of Macbeths downfall was his ambition. In order for Macbeth to be king he needed ambition but having to much proved to be the major aspect of his downfall. Ambition has both positive and negative aspects. Throughout the play, Macbeth shows both of these sides. Macbeths ambition lead him to kill Duncan in order to be king. Without this ambition he would have never committed and went through with this murder. Macbeths ambition lead him to never give up and to keep on pushing for more. But when Macbeth became over ambitious it proved to be the major aspect of his downfall. All his plans involved to much blood shed and evil actions to reach his goals. His over ambitious attitude made him be extremely cocky, think only of himself, make many enemies and overleap his goals. All those aspects put together lead to Macbeths death and downfall.

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Supernatural, external and internal forces all played huge rolls in leading Macbeth to his downfall and eventually his death. The supernatural forces ( witches ) and lady Macbeth both pushed Macbeth to his downfall but not to the extent of his ambition. Macbeths ambition was the major aspect leading to his death. When the witches foretold the future and told him he would be king he went and killed Duncan as predicted. But then his over ambitious attitude came into play and pushed him to kill more and more. Lady Macbeth pressured and influenced Macbeth to murder Duncan. Macbeth did not have to listen to her and he could have turned his back and said no, but instead once again his ambitious attitude lead him to go on and commit this murder. everything that Macbeth did which was wrong was his choice. Regardless if he was pressured or not, in the end he still made the decision making ambition his major downfall and eventually his death

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