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Changes in Ovid's "Metamorpheses"

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Ovid's Metamorpheses is composed of a variety of tales in which the characters undergo diverse changes, both emotionally and physically. In book one, Daphne suddenly wants nothing to do with Apollo as he chases her out of love, and she then turns into an oak tree. Jove is transformed into a mighty bull in book two, and Europa becomes fearless.

" once...loved And she (Daphne) at once fled from the name of the lover..." (Ovid 17 47-474). This quote depicts Cupid shooting Apollo with a sharp arrow, causing him to fall madly in love with Daphne, as she is hit with a dull arrow which makes her want to flee from him. Their feelings change by the strike of an arrow, an obvious emotional alteration that they undergo in the story. When the chase ends after Daphne pleas to her father river to be saved, "...her hair was leaves, Her arms were branches, and her speedy feet Rooted..." (Ovid 1-1 550-55). After this material transformation, Apollo remains in love with the tree that he claims as his own.

"...the great father...took upon himself the form of a bull..." (Ovid 55 46-51). Followed by this dramatic alteration of Jove, the king's daughter "...Loses all fear...and she grows bolder." (Ovid 55 867-868). Europa, the daughter, touches the muscular bull and then rides off with him, as a new person since becoming more courageous.

The apparent changes taking place in each story are physical as seen when Daphne is left standing as a tree and Jove rides off in the form of a bull. The characters also undergo alterations in their feelings, as Apollo becomes love crazed, Daphne feels scared of Apollo, and Europa loses all fear. These examples reflect Ovid's style in writing this particular story where he has several characters undergo constant modifications.

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