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Education vs. Incarceration

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It's been said by many that education is the key to ones life. It opens doors for the future, so that you're not working at a Jack in the Box or Quiznos. An education will get you a job in mostly anything you want to be. Some go to school to become a doctor, lawyer, business man, nurse, scientist, or anything they wish to do. Who tells you all of this; your parents, grandparents, family and even friends. It's great to know that you have someone to encourage you to go to school.

But what if people don't end up going to school? Some become bums, living on the streets, asking for a quarter. Its tough to say no, but you do it anyways. Others are just not meant for school, it's not their thing. And its all fine by me, they'll just end up working somewhere I wouldn't.

For many others, work or school just doesn't fit in their description. Some are drug pushers, car jackers, and even murderers. Where do these people end up? In prison of course. It's funny too, because people like, even love going to prison. Its home away from home.

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Let's take Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord from Columbia. He didn't mind one bit going to jail. Every time he went in, was like checking in to a hotel suit. Escobar had it all. From television sets, pool tables, full bar with all the alcohol he could drink, along with all of his friends. He even had professional stripers and prostitutes come into his prison cell to please him. How and why? This man was loaded with cash. He paid for everything at his correctional facility.

For Mexico, it's a whole different ball park. We are talking about dog kettles here. People live like sardines in a can, which can never come out. I would rather live on the streets as a bum then go to prison in Mexico. Believe me, it's that bad. First off, of course is getting caught doing anything by the cops. They will kick your ass if you don't cooperate, take your money and leave you on the streets. If you are cool with them, you might be able to bribe them in exchange for cash. I would say at least $100.00. If none of the above work, you go straight to jail. So you end up in a federal prison with the start of a cold shower. Afterwards, guards will greet you with your pair of shorts and sandals to dress in, no warm jumpsuit for you here. The cops then walk you to your cell with about 50 to 100 people waiting anxiously to greet you there. Throw you in and the rest is up to your cell mates, if that's what you want to call them.

Guards aren't paid well in Mexico, which is why the country is so corrupted. That is why most of the time you can bribe a cop or guard on the streets. The next time you go down south, and feel like you might get in trouble with the law, take lots of cash.

But Mexico isn't the only country with a messed up correctional system. Georgia, which was once a part of the Soviet Union, is as bad, maybe even worse. The guards at a prison get paid a horrible 70 laris (5 U.S. dollars). That would only be enough for a months rent and just enough food for himself. Try and raise a family off that salary.

The daily food allowance for a Georgia prisoner is, get this, 80 tetris (40 cents). What can they possibly eat with 40 cents, bread and water? As for health care, they get 50 tetris (5 cents) a day.

Not only is this place low budget, but corrupted as well. I read that prisoners have to take turns in order to sleep well. This is because the jail cells are so small, it's only big enough for one prisoner to sleep. There have been reports of empty jail cells that are sold to prisoners if the price is right. Just talk to the warden and its like if you were upgrading to a hotel suit.

The government in both of these countries does nothing to prevent such low budget costs and corruption, which is good in my opinion. Both Mexico and Georgia run their prison systems great. This is they way prisoners in the United States should be treated. Prisoners in the US live like kings compared to others, which is why so many love going back to prison.

In a study from April 6, 18, the governor of New York, George Pataki had voted for a veto of 500 million dollars for the construction of schools. That's enough money to build at least 5-7 good size schools. Pataki also cut the budget of 77 million dollars to go towards teachers. There goes a bunch of more teaches. All this money could have gone to our schools to teach or so called "Future of America".

Not only did Pataki cut money from the public school system, but from universities and state colleges as well. It was said 8.8 million dollars were cut from teachers salaries at SNYU's (State University of New York), and another 1.5 million from a program that could have helped thousands of students with 65.00 each in book aids. That could have covered the cost half, maybe even whole cost of a book.

To this date, New York has spent more than twice the amount to run a prison than in 188. As the NYU's go down by %, prisons go up by a whooping 76 %. One more thing to add, the department of corrections received 761 million dollars to renovate their lovely prison. As for the children, they once again get dissed, and get the less 615 million.

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