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Comparison of Daria and Kevin

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Teenagers today are constantly stereotyped and are misrepresented in the media. Daria and Kevin have many similarities and differences relating to teenagers social, emotional and physical "clicks" today. The purpose of this essay is to delineate the similarities and differences between teenagers (Daria and Kevin). Even though Daria and Kevin are extremely stereotyped, they show day to day problems that teenagers go through.

Relating to the chosen videos, Daria and Kevin have a few similarities that define each others personalities. They include social, emotional and physical. The social side of their lives are quite similar in that they both are considered as "social outcasts" and seem to have only one true/close friend. The emotional side of things include their self-esteem. They both have a high self esteem for themselves, but have a low esteem for others. Also their respect, they have no respect for elders e.g. their parents. The physical part of their lives include their lack of presentation, they don't care what anyone thinks. Also the way they walk, they usually have their heads hung low and "trudge" were ever they go.

Although Daria and Kevin act alike, there are some differences contrasting their personalities. They include social, emotional and physical. Their social lives are in fact almost incomparable, but there are a few differences; Daria has been invited to a party, Kevin on the other hand decides to have his own party, that shows that Daria actually is not that antisocial and can get invited to parties and Kevin is what you would call a "wanna be". The emotional differences that compare their personalities include the way Daria never shows any emotion even when she wants something, she never "sucks up". Kevin is quite different, when he wants something he pretends to be well mannered and polite. The physical differences between Daria and Kevin include the way Daria shows some physical activity, while Kevin is usually on the couch in front of the TV eating etc.

Teenagers today are becoming more and more stereotypical due to the media. Teenagers are not represented fairly; the media is so over the top with stereotypes. They are represented unfairly in shows such as Daria, Kevin and Perry, Beavis and Butthead and many more. Teenagers are not represented fairly because otherwise the show would be boring to watch. Even though it's wrong, it's entertaining for even teenagers. The media relies mainly on teenager stereotypes for movies and TV shows. Teenagers can also be represented fairly and those such as; Neighbours, Home and Away, Degrassi high and other soap operas. Teenagers are represented fairly in those TV shows because they are supposed to reflect real life situations. Comparing the number of non stereotypical to the stereotypical shows, the non stereo typical shows are minimal and the stereo typical shows are at extremely high and increasing. The media has many different ways in which it works but teenagers seem to be there main target.

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In conclusion, teenagers are represented and misrepresented in many different ways. Teenagers and stereotypes will always be a big part of the media and as the media creates new ideas, the stereotyping will get worse and more insulting. Nobody even bothers about complaining to the media anymore because there is so much of it around, it's not worth it.

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