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A culture all it's own

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Australia the land of kangaroos, koalas, the crocodile hunter, and hair products. But Australia has much more hidden underneath of its commercial surface. There are people that live deep within Australia's soul, and nurture it. The people that have invested their lives and history are known as the Aborigines. The Aborigines are the people native to Australia whose history and culture have shaped their country into what it is today.

Although Australia has a much larger population these days, it did not used to be so. The Aborigines came over to this continent, from Asia, somewhere around thirty-five thousand years ago. Their name actually means from the beginning, which is quite fitting to Australia's history seeing as they were the first humans to arrive. The Aborigines hold many similarities to the Native Americans in the light that they were both the first to make a new continent their home, just in different countries. The Aborigines and Native Americans also both keep nature close to them.

Aboriginal culture is built strongly around their natural surroundings. It is their belief that it is their own responsibility to take care of the land and prevent any unnatural changes. The Aborigines, although not technologically advanced in our eyes, have made their way through the world exceptionally well compared to other cultures. Their simple ways have been passed down and even through thousands of years of outside influence, the Aborigines have managed to stay close to nature. Before the British came over to Australia in 1770, the Aborigines were very set in their ways of listening to nature, when the British settled in Australia, they violated many Aboriginal beliefs, but instead of refuting, the Aborigines accepted and respected the settlers and their actions. This goes to prove that the Aborigines are not only in touch with nature, but also one with themselves. Through the two hundred and fifty years that Australia has been under English influence, the Aborigines have managed to keep their original beliefs close at heart.

When the English came over to Australia, the Aborigines held on to their culture, but they have also been influenced in many different ways. Before the British arrived, school for the Aborigines was just learning the ways of life, however, now, with English influence, all children are required to go to school up until about the equivalent of eighth grade. There are other counties that require their youth to go to school for much longer than Australia's regulation, but certain cultures should be exempt from these guidelines. The way that the Aborigines live their lives, it would make no difference in their culture if their children did not go to school; in fact it would preserve it. One of the main problems with the children of the Aboriginal culture going off to school is the division that it is creating between the men and the women. Aboriginal men, more often then not, choose not to continue their schooling and go back to the ways of the wild. The women however, choose to go on with their schooling and lead their lives as independents. The stress this is causing intertribal is heinous. The one level of influence is causing a chain reaction and affecting other aspects of Aboriginal life. The tension between the men and women is making their courting traditions suffer.

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The way that marriage has been handled in the Aboriginal culture has changed in the many thousands of years that they have occupied Australia. Before English influence, marriages were pre-arranged not long after the birth of a baby girl. There are certain cultures that would not agree with this system, but for the Aborigines it worked quite well. Some people may think that "divorce" rates would be much higher if the two people who were to be married did not love each other, but aside from the fact that the Aborigines do not believe in "divorce" in the first place, this was just their way of life and everyone knew that and therefore deal with it accordingly. Now, under English influence, the Aborigines have adapted to the more traditional ways most of the world uses in courtship. Two people fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. The Aborigines, even with the modern ways, stay in the rainforest, the outback or whatever the certain tribes natural surroundings might be for this occasion. Women in the tribes still marry older men, many times twice their age. So though many things have been affected between the sexes because of English influences, that basis and structure of their lives and ceremonies are still visible underneath the surface.

Australia's culture has been strongly influenced by the Aborigines. Their trials and tribulations have formed a strong bond between the land and its people. Australia's commercial surface may be what attracts tourists, but when the world becomes aware of this hidden treasure, Australia will not only be a place of entertainment but also education. There is something about the land of Australia that attracts many people, but the way the Aborigines are attached to the land doesn't even compare. The world could learn a lot from what just might be the heart of Australia.

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