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The grapes of wrath

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Elisa is frustrated as a woman, and so has taken on masculine qualities, so she is first depicted as a woman whose strengths are really too much for the tasks at hand. She was cutting down the old year's chysanthemum stalks with a pair of short and powerful scissors, the reader learns. She has too much energy for the job. Her face was eager and mature and handsome; even her work with the scissors was over-eager, over-powerful. The chrysanthemum stems seemed too small and easy for her energy. Thus, we get a sense, early on, of Elisa's promise, of her potential. But it is also checked and limited by her circumstances and by her stereotypical role as a woman, and as a farmer's wife.

A tinker comes on the scene. Elisa's first response to his overtures as a salesman is in her masculine guiseshe simply tells him she has no work for him. But he persists, and he finds her soft spot, her chrysanthemums. While it is possible to interpret Elisa's love for the chrysanthemums as her need to mother, (she has no children), it is also possible to see her love for her flowers as an expression of the creative female principle (Renner 07). In the next paragraphs, we witness Elisa's flirtation with this tinker, who is really only interested in making a sale. But he succeeds in gaining access to her emotional side, her feminine side, and lets go of her need to control the situation.

As her creative female side emerges in the presence of the tinker, Elisa's character undergoes a dramatic change. Her love for the natural beauty of the flowersfor her own feminine sidecombines with her natural strength, and a whole woman begins to emerge. Let us track this process as it reveals itself. Her female, receptive side is revealed as she notices the size and sheer physical presence of the tinker, Elisa saw that he was a very big man. Although his hair and beard were greying, he did not look old....He took off his battered hat. With this felt urge to open up, Elisa stands up and shoves the thick scissors in her apron pocket. She shields the symbol of her energy and strength, as if the world weren't ready to see it.

It is not the tinker or his attentions that interest her. Instead, it is the sharing of what she has grown from the bitter, hard earth, her chrysanthemums, a symbol of her potential for wholeness. When the tinker says that he knows someone who would like her flowers (in an attempt to gain her sympathy and get some work), she opens up to him like a flower in the sun, The irritation and resistance melted from Elisa's face. Her eyes grow eager and alert, and Elisa's enthusiasm for the sharing of the flower buds grows with her excitement at the possibility of such expansion.

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The promise comes to a high point as Elisa transfers the symbolic chrysanthemum buds to the tinker. She doesn't know whether he will understand her meaning, but she confides in him that she has planting hands, hands that know what the earth needs and wants. At this moment, she is at her best. She knows that she can be both strong and receptive, that she can be whole

Elisa's voice grew husky. She broke in on him. I've never lived as you do, but I know what you mean. When the night is darkwhy, the stars are sharp-pointed, and there's quiet. Why, you rise up and up! Every pointed star gets driven into your body. It's like that. Hot and sharp andlovely. (Chrysanthemums).

At this moment, Elisa has access to the larger picture, and she knows what it means to

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