Monday, July 12, 2021

My Gunny Sack

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When I die and Saint Peter greets me at the pearly gates, he'll give me a gunny sack in which containing three items that are precious to me. Each item I will tell you of what importance they are to me and why.

When I was around five or six I had this cabbage patch doll that I used to carry around with me everywhere. My Grandparents got it for me when I was two or three, and it meant the world to me. I never went anywhere without it. It was like my best friend, I dragged it around by it's arm and my Grandmother had to sew it about a million times. It meant a lot to me because that doll was always there for me when I needed it to be. I may have been young but that doll is something I will remember.

My Papa had a tape of him and I talking to each other, and there are some parts of the tape where I am singing to him. I must have been only two years old. We used to listen to it all the time and joke and laugh about it. That tape was very special to me because it was something my Papa and I did together when I was a little girl. It reminded me of how much of an influence my Papa's been in my life, and how much I still need him to be there.

My Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family gave me a plastic rose about a year before she passed on. When she gave it to me she told me to hold it by my heart and it will make me smile when I'm down. It helped me get through the time of her death and many other things as well. I felt that it was something that I needed when I was in despair. It was very precious to me even though it was just a plastic rose. That was the last thing my Grandmother gave to me before her death, it was my reminder that she'll always be there watching over me.

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When I do get those items back I will be very happy and filled with relief. They all meant a great deal to me, and always will. Those three items by far are definitely my three choices. That may sound funny, but it's my gunny sack and those are the items I would choose to have back.

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