Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Feeling Motivated-PUMPED UP?

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Feeling Motivated-PUMPED UP?

By James Tyler

Ever sit there vacantly gazing at your computer screen?

Wondering what am I going to contribute to the world today?

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Reading good stuff is how I like to stay on top of the game.

" There's no richer emotion I know than the sense of contributionfeeling that who you are as a person, how you've lived your life,what you've said and done, has touched others in a deep and meaningful manner is the ultimate gift in life. The secret to living is giving. From Anthony Robbins " Giant Steps"

Seeing what is possible in adding to life is what really moves me.

I had to get an article together for an upcoming deadline, so grabbed the keypad and let the words fly!

I ran across quite a few articles from writers floating around online recently about Joint Ventures and cooperation. This reminded me of a story I heard about a businessman who was afraid of the new super chain store opening down the street from his establishment. Panic set in! Oh what to do?

He asked me "How can I compete with them? It's all over!

I told him, "What about the GREAT LAW? You know where your supply

comes from. What is there to fear?"

Mister Business man, "I must do something!"

I told him " Be at your business everyday and bless it, by claiming the Great Power that works through it for bountiful peace and prosperity for all!"

He agreed.

Then see the new business and do the same for it! He looked at me like I was a jerk!

I shared with him, "what blesses one blesses all!" If he hated his competition, he would be destroyed by this. So, ALWAYS bless you opponents.

Everyone in business who learns this becomes a success! If you see someone doing well in business, great! The spirit of "we are all in this world together" is the real key to prosperity and happiness.

When a successful online business person offers to work with you, then you have synergy! The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

We all work hard online to earn a decent living. Stay the course and work in Synergy.

Synergistic Marketing anyone?

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