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The histort of alcohol

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Its part of our heritage, dates back as far as the wheel and has reached every corner of the globe. Alcohol, which has an interesting and far-reaching history, has been discovered, used and prohibited throughout the ages.

Most likely discovered by accident in prehistoric times, alcohol would have being first tasted in ferminting fruit, people were quick to take to and improve on this strange, new taste. The first mentition alcohol makes in recored history is about , 500 BC in Egypt. As it still is today and has being for thousands of years alcohol was consumed mainly on special occasion, celebrations, festivals and at religious ceremonies.

People discovered that alcoholic beverages could be produced from practically any fermentable material; fruits, berries, flowers, honey, the sap of trees, milk and from almost any plant or animal substance containing carbohydrates or sugar. In the tropics, people learned to use the sap of palm trees and cactus. In the Far and Near East and in Europe, they used honey and milk. In the England and Russia, they used corn, barley, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes and a wide variety of other plants.

By the time recorded history began, only a few people had not discovered alcoholic beverages, mainly because they were geographically isolated from the main continents.

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Actually, alcoholic beverages were as important to primitive man as they are to modern man. They were the soothing substances which permitted him to escape from the constant threats of his hostile world. Cold, hunger, warfare and illness. Alcohol also became an important part of early tribal and religious life. While severe intoxication was often a welcome part to many religious festivals and tribal ceremonies, personal drunkenness was generally frowned upon, as it is now.

Modern people cannot be said to have invented the many excuses for drinking because earlier civilizations had already claimed them. Ancient civilizations used alcohol to welcome friends and to them see them off. They drank to in honor of new leaders, new years, marriages, births and deaths. People drank to each others health and to avoid each others illnesses. They drank to launch ships, to celebrate victory, and to forget the misery and defeat of war. They drank in luxury as a symbol of their wealth and in poverty to forget their hunger. They drank to their gods and to many many things.

Alcohol isnt all fun games and ceromonies through, along with it came its fair share if troubles. The first probation laws on it came about in 00 BC from the King of Babylon. These put restriction on price fixing and dispensing. In Britian between 170 and 1750 there was a so called gin epidemic, during this brewers were making gin stronger and cheaper than every which lead to many deaths related to alcoholic poisioning. So in 1751 the government introduced extra high taxes on booze. The industrial revolution caused a jump in alcohol use as many people saw it as the ideal way to escape the boredom and pain of working.

Alcohol was also used a means trade, in the times of Julious Ceaser wine makers where among the most powerful and battles where always looming between growers, with burning each others vine yards a common practice.

Today drinking is as common as ever, the only thing changed is the quality and varities now avialble. So next time you have a drink sit back and think about how many other world leaders, ancient religious icons and bums have done the same.

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