Thursday, September 17, 2020

Website review for kids

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Website Review

The name of the website is and the address is http//

• The purpose of the website is to help teachers with thematic units. The woman who runs the site, Victoria, also heads workshops around the country. There are also several links to buy books off the internet.

• I found the part on thematic units very interesting. I think that there were very good ideas that could be used without using the whole lesson and calling it your own. She also provided pictures of what her classroom looked like and the ideas you could get from that.

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• I would recommend this site to other early childhood educators. I think that there are several places where you can get ideas to help you in your classroom.

• I would also recommend this site to parents. I think that they would benefit if their child was studying something that was on this website. The site might help the parents explain certain subjects that they are not too familiar with to their child.

• I went to the "First Day Checklist" off of the main page. The address is http// I think that this site was helpful because it helps you with the little things that a teacher might forget when getting ready for all the first day of school activities.

The site I visited for kids is The address is http//

• The website had several purposes. This site was aimed at children completely. There were many games to play and the site also had homework help. The help was encyclopedia articles about several different subjects that were divided into different categories. Some of the categories were America, science, undersea, etc.

• Something else I found interesting, was on the icon for games, the title was, "Is your homework done, if so come play games." I thought it was nice that they reinforced that the homework needed to be done first. I played some of the games too. There were different levels, so different ages could play the games. They were also learning games, not just shoot the little green alien.

• I would recommend this site to other educators. I think that they could use this site in the classroom. For instance, if there was a computer center, then the children could play the interactive games on the website.

• I would also recommend this site to parents. I think that some parents out there do not trust the internet. This would prove to them that there are some beneficial things on the web that would actually help their children, even if the children are young.

• Like I mentioned before, I went to the game links. I played the game "Joker Soaker. The address for this link is http// On this game, you guess a letter, somewhat like the game hangman. When you guess the wrong letter, a ball was thrown at clowns sitting in a dunking booth. When you correctly spelled out the word, the clowns would fall into the water. I though that children would enjoy this, and it is somewhat educational.

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