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The Sin of Pride

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In the Birthmark Hawthorne introduces the character Georgianna whos

soul flaw is a birthmark on her face. Every other characteristic of Georgianna

is perfect. Her husband Aylmer loves science and questions her one flaw, her

birthmark. He suggests that he should try and remove it. When the moment comes

and Aylmer finally does remove her Birthmark, everything evolves. When Aylmer

announces, My peerless bride, it is successful! You are perfect! (167)

Immediately following the removing of the Birthmark, Georgianna dies. Once

again Hawthorne uses a woman as the possessor of an evil characteristic, but it

is Aylmers insistence on trying to distort nature which leads to the death of

his wife. Aylmer is the character who possesses the evil flaw, he insists that

the Birthmark must be removed. And therefore it is obvious that Hawthorne

doesnt direct his evil characteristics only on women.

Evil is at the root of the story in The Birthmark for it is here that

Hawthorne writes about the most sinful character. In all of the seven deadly

sins committed by man; the deadliest of all is pride. Priding ones self is

terrible but carrying this vanity to another can be deadly. After reading The

Birthmark the character Aylmer finds for himself that pride costed him dearly,

he lost his lovely wife. Aylmer is representative of the sin pride. Hawthorne

describes the character in such a way that Aylmer portrays himself as Godlike.

The character Aylmer is evil because according to Hawthorne He had devoted

himself, however, too unreservedly to scientific studies ever to be weaned from

them by any second passion.. Is this the possible pride that leads a man to be

considered evil? Yes, according to evidence in the story Hamthorne makes the

character Aylmer in human by taking away his passion for his wife and having it

replaced by passion for only his work. Hawthorne describes Aylmers

preoccupation with perfecting his wifes beauty in the story when writing At

all the seasons which should have been their happiest, he invariably and

without intending it, nay, in spite of a purpose to the contrary reverted to

this one disastrous topic. . Through this text the author creates a character

that we may see into in order to reveal the one tracked mind. Pride is the

ultimate goal for Aylmar; he intends to make a prize of his wife by trying to

make her extraordinary person and alleviating any blemishes. His wife

Georgianais the innocent victim in the story because she must follow her

husbands wishes. Hawthorne once again writing in his time period made

traditional characters of society and these people were in an average class;

henceforth keeping traditional good and evil characters as in many fiction

stories. Hawthorne has created a couple who are the examples of good and evil;

Georgiana has the mark of innocence upon her and Aylmer carries delusions of

grandeur. Georgiana is admired for her beauty by the publics eye and Aylmer is

envied by the same. Hawthorne tells us outright that the two are not happy but

what must be understood is that because Aylmer is unhappy with her birthmark ,

My peerless bride, it is successful! You are perfect!, ...dearest Aylmer, I

am dying., pays the ultimate price for perfection.

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