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In the play Macbeth, a symbol of blood is portrayed often

(and with different meanings), and developed until it is

the dominating theme of the play. The word blood, or

different forms of it, occurs forty-two times and the word

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fear is used forty-two times. The symbol of blood changes

throughout the play, as Macbeths character changes. First

he is a brave honoured soldier, but as the play progresses,

he becomes a treacherous person who has become identified

with death and bloodshed and shows his guilt in different


The first reference of blood is one of honour, and occurs

when Duncan sees the injured sergeant and says What bloody

man is that?. This is symbolic of the brave fighter who

been injured in a valiant battle for his country. In the

next passage, in which the sergeant says Which smokd with

bloody execution, he is referring to Macbeths braveness

in which his sword is covered in the hot blood of the enemy.

After these few references to honour, the symbol of blood

now changes to show a theme of treachery and treason. Lady

Macbeth starts this off when she asks the spirits to make

thick my blood,. What she is saying by this, is that she

wants to make herself insensitive and remorseless for the

deeds which she is about to commit. Lady Macbeth knows that

the evidence of blood is a treacherous symbol, and knows it

will deflect the guilt from her and Macbeth to the servants

when she says smear the sleepy grooms with blood., and

If he do bleed, Ill gild the faces of the grooms withal,

for it must seem their guilt. When Banquo states and

question this most bloody piece of work, and Ross says

ist known who did this more than bloody deed?, they are

both inquiring as to who performed the treacherous acts

upon Duncan. When Macbeth is speaking about Malcolm and

Donalbain, he refers to them as bloody cousins

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