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The Lifestyle of Two women

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"A New England Nun," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, and "The Awakening," by Kate Chopin, are two stories that have elements of irony. In "A New England Nun," the irony is with Louisa, her dog Caesar, and the yellow canary. These two pets play a major role in Louisa's life. Also, in "The Awakening," Edna Pontellier's green and yellow parrot represents her lifestyle. These two women are strange and live strange lives according to the short stories.

Louisa's dog Caesar lived a lonely life chained to his doghouse with a couple feet of freedom in his world. Caesar was a prisoner of his home as Louisa was prisoner to her home. The dog became accustomed to isolation and does not know any other way of existence. Joe, the man Louisa loved came back, after being away for fourteen years to take her away from her prison. He also would have freed the dog. Joe thought, "It's down right cruel to keep him tied up there. Someday I'm going to take him out (pg 70)." Louisa objects to this, because she fears the animal's nature of the dog has lain dormant for fourteen years. In a way Louisa became tied to her home and Caesar is chained to his doghouse because of unfortunate events occurring while he was very young. Caesar was big, ferocious and aggressive. During this period he severely damaged the hand of a man in the community. This action caused the community to be frightened of him. Consequently, it was ordered that Caesar was not to be allowed to run loose or free again. Like Caesar, Louisa became isolated and homebound became of the unfortunate event, her only lover had left her while she was also, very young. However, Louisa's action was slightly different from Caesar's. Although initiated by the unfortunate event. She chose to continue that lifestyle. Both she and Caesar lived a quiet and serene life that would be turned upside down with the impending marriage. Both would have their way of life radically changed.

Louisa could also be compared to her little yellow canary. The songbird in the cage commonly used as a literary device. It described the position of women who had sufficient economic status. They like the birds were objects of beauty. Both were performers forced to live in cages. Louisa performed for Joe and society and the bird performed for Louisa. One difference between the two is that Louisa's cage had a garden. The bird had to sing and the woman had to act with grace. The canary reacted to Joe entering the house in a way that is similar to Louisa's emotions. The canary lies in a dormant peace until disturbed by the entrance of Joe. Louisa in the fourteen years of waiting came into herself. She was accustomed to her space and Joe took up too much of her precious space. He would throw chaos into her rigidly ordered world. She was the queen of her home and did not want to share control with Joe's mother. When married they would have to moved into Joe's house with his mother.

"Allez vous-en! Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That's all right! (pg 6)" These are the words hollered by this maddened, caged bird. When translated into English, they are, "Go away! Go away, for heaven's sake! These expressions aptly represent the forbidden thoughts racing through the mind of Edna Pontellier, the novel's heroine. She wants to go away, for she is bored with her mundane life. She is tired of dealing with an insensitive husband and her ordinary children. She longs for something more exciting. Ironically, Edna probably should have taken the parrot's advice and escaped from her hellish world immediately. In addition to the words of warning, the image of the hostile, shrieking bird in itself should have had a profound effect oh her. Yet, she ignored the warning signs. Consequently, she was forced to meet her tragic end like the parrot; Edna was also trapped, not within a metal cage but by a symbolic metal cage, the standards and traditions of society.

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Both of these women are symbolized through their pets. Louisa finds herself being alone and away from everybody. She has lived alone for fourteen years, without any problems or anyone in her way. Both Caesar and the canary have become comfortable with the peace and quietness of their limited living space. Neither, Louisa, Caesar nor the canary wants of feel comfortable with their comfort zone being invaded. Therefore, they react according. Whereas, Edna wants some space from her husband, children and the community, like her parrot, she was confused and frustrated. Both Edna and her parrot, responded to their unlikable situation with a great deal of hostility and in dramatic fashion. Edna became depression and couldn't take her tormented life style any longer. Therefore, she brought a drastic end to this situation for herself.

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