Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How to celebrate freedom

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How To Celebrate My Freedom

How to celebrate my freedom?? There is so many ways to celebrate my freedom in America Compared to other countries. We are the Country with the Most Freedom.

One way I can Celebrate my freedom is that I can believe in any kind of religion that I want to. I have the choice to choose my own religion unlike other countries you have to have there religion because there is no other choice even if you do not believe in there religion. But here in America You can have any religion you want and you will not get in any form of trouble for it because in this country unlike other countries you are free to your own believes and you can share them without the worry of getting killed. In other countries you can be killed for a believe in another religion and nothing will happen to who killed you so most people are scared and just force themselfs to believe in there religion . Here if someone dose something to you cause what you believe in they can get into a lot of trouble if they are caught.

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Another way I can Celebrate my Freedom is by my Freedom Speech. In most countries if you bad mouth your leader, Ruler, King, Queen or President or what ever it is called they can have you killed for it just for saying what you think of them unlike were we live you can say what you want as long as you are only talking just don't threaten to kill anyone cause then yea you will get in trouble. Like if you say hudom husam was a jerk you could be kill for that, if you said u didn't like him you would be killed people live in fear there they never speech what they feel they are forced to say they are happy when they really are not because they are scared and they can not say what they want to because they live in fear. In this country you can say all that about are President and you cant get in trouble because that is your own thought and your just using your freedom of Speech not many other countries have that we are lucky to have freedom of speech only thing is do not say your going to kill somebody cause you can get in huge trouble for that.

Another way I can celebrate my Freedom is that I have the choice to grow up and be what ever I want to become I can be anything I want in this country a Doctor, Nurse ,Basketball Player, Baseball Player , anything you name it and if you work hard enough at it you can become it. In some countries they don't allow you to be those things. You have to be what your parents want or what your ruler wants you don't even have control over your life they make all the choices for you. Here we make are own decision its all up to us nobody else.

Another way I can celebrate my Freedom is that I can come and go as I please I can go any where I want to. I can go to England and then back to America without getting in trouble. In Some places you cant they do not let you leave like Cuba they sneak over here they come over in boats and that there is against the law they do not let there people leave. If you get caught trying to leave they would probably torture you or throw you in jail they don't let anyone leave there country once u move there that is it you can not move back out. While here you are free to leave any time you want to and nothing will happen to you and you can come back without problems or worry of getting in trouble

Another way I can celebrate my freedom is that I do not have to wear towels around my head like other countries all the men have to wear towels around there head and the ladies have to hide there faces with towels and they all dress a the same way. While here I am free to wear what ever I want, I do not have to wear a towel on my head or and the ladies do not have to cover there face with a towel or dress the way they tell me to. I could dress like that if I wanted to but I do not want to so I do not have to. I choose what I wear and how to wear it nobody tells me how to dress unlike them other countries.

Another way I can Celebrate my freedom is that I can vote for who ever I want to we can choose who is in are office it is up to us. In other countries it is not like that and in some people are scared to run for an office because they will get killed for it so that is not fair. Here we do it fairly they let us decide in some places they just appoint people to ruler or head office spots the people have no say in it when here we have most of the say on who goes in and who don't

Well that is some ways to Celebrate my freedom there are many more ways to celebrate are Freedom in America we have the most Freedom in the world we run are own lives nobody makes us do nothing we do not want to we make the decision on what and what not to do unlike all of the other countries in this country.

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