Friday, September 18, 2020

Organizational Behavior Definition

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After taking a long look at there benefits, I have decided that they do have some benefits that are rather good, adoption expense reimbursement or employee assistance program. If I had any aspirations of becoming a parent for a child this might be one that I most admire, and if they explained what employee assistance program was I might consider that one as well.

The Edward Jones benefits that I find most attractive are

• tuition reimbursement

• company-paid profit sharing

Custom Essays on Organizational Behavior Definition

• diversity

Since I have started this Masters program, and I am not currently employed, this is and would have been a priceless benefit. At least in my mind, an organization that pays for my education I will have to think much more if I decided I wanted another opportunity. How I feel this benefit contributes to the organizational behavior is multiple. It has the affect that it creates loyalty as stated above, it helps create a more positive attitude within the company that the company does care about it's employees education and indirectly advancement, it also has the affect that it creates better informed and educated employees which may or may not improve productivity and improve profit.

This brings me to company paid profit sharing. I think that if I contribute and work hard, get my tasks done on time or ahead of schedule I should be able to also profit from the company's profits. Why should only the top executives benefit? We have seen lately that most executives do not deserve the profit sharing they get and in addition, the employees should get a piece of the pie. Again, I feel this benefit contributes to the organizational behavior is multiple. It helps the employees feel that they contributed and they are rewarded for their hard work, they have made the company profitable, it creates loyalty and it creates a positive outlook for continuing employment with the company. It also creates less turn over, which is costly. As the text book for the class informs us that this is a very expensive area for companies. If we can help, the employee is more financially sound, then there is less turn over and less expense for the company and the profit is higher.

Diversity is important since we are all diverse. We are white, black, green purple, yellow and red, we are rich, poor, in the middle, we are straight, gay, and bi, we are married, not married, or divorced, we are catholic, Mormon, Lutheran and others. We can be short, tall; we can be fat, skinny, and just right. There is one thing we all have in common we are diverse. I am not to sure I totally agree with what Edward Jones website says. It was a little confusing, but if they do try to accept diversity as one of there policies then it makes for a comfortable working environment for me. From an organizational behavior point of view, again I think it has multiple benefits. We can all be who we are and tolerate each and everyone's diversity so that we can improve the working environment, get or jobs done with more effiencey and improve profit, we

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