Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I am A Promise

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Film Response

Part 1

I Am a Promise

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After viewing the movie I am A Promise I was truly affected emotionally. If I still lived back in New Jersey I would think that it was not realistic that children attended a school like Stanton Elementary. Some of the students really looked like they needed a shower and a big hug from their mother and father. Young children need nurturing from their parents in order to have confidence and be successful. Stanton is a school in North Philadelphia that contains students who come from a tough background. Some students show up to school at about 7 in the morning when classes do not start until 80. That took me back and made me realize that all people do not come from the same background as me. Some people come from lower class and are underprivileged. 0 percent of the children in Stanton Elementary come from single parent homes. I think that this is where Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to come into play. Students need to get a good breakfast and feel comfortable at home, before they can even fathom doing well in school. Many of the students are in dire need of some attention and affection.

The principal of the school, Mrs. Bernie, is a caring and loving person. The way that she handles the students and the problems that they get into is magnificent. She affected me emotionally because of the way that she cares for each and everyone one of the students. Mrs. Bernie knows all of the students' names and a little bit of information about their families as well. I was also impressed with the dedication that she has for the school and all of its functions.

At the point when they were speaking to Nadia I became a little bit upset. Nadia was the girl who moved into the random man's house because her parents were crack heads. Nadia had been staying with the old man, who she thinks is her grandfather, for and half to three years. I thought that it was so great that the old man welcomed the girl into the house. Nadia was very happy at her "grandfathers" house. I think that living at that house was such a better situation because she is out of a bad condition and she was witnessing things that were really unnecessary.

One other really sad part was when it was evident that Rasheen could not read, but Mrs. Bernie was still trying to make him do it. It is bad enough that he could not read, she did not have to rub it in his face. Finally, Rasheen was switched into a different English class where he hopes to succeed.

Mainly the principal, Mrs. Bernie, intellectually affected me the most. She set very good examples of ways to handle students in bad situations. Mrs. Bernie also inspired me to stick with the profession of education. After viewing the movie Mrs. Bernie and Mr. Coates had the most influence on me. Mr. Coates was the man who had the classroom of all males in first grade. The students in his class respected him very much so and they also did well in their classes. After observing a teacher like Mr. Coates I feel like I will be an excellent teacher myself. He showed very good discipline skills as the students listened to his every word. I believe that if a classroom has the same setting as Mr. Coates, the best possible learning environment, there will be positive attitudes and learning will be accomplished.

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