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Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale. Unrequited love

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Geoffrey Chaucer's The Knight's Tale section of his classic, The Canterbury Tales portrays a certain aspect of love. There are various types of love but the worst one is courtly love, which is when one loves someone he/she cannot have. Chaucer portrays unrequited love in the Knights tale through the characters Palamon and Arcite both knights, cousins and prisoners, who fantasize about the beautiful Emily.

Firstly, Palamon sees Emily walking in the garden and thinks, Rose and arrayed her beauty was right (1), instantly falling in love with her. She does not see him and therefore, it is impossible for her to love him in return. This courtly love is further proven because Palamon shows his aggravation when he Was pacing round his chamber to and fro/Lamenting to himself in all his woe (). In addition, his love for Emily is so strong that he looks deadly pale (), caused by lovesickness. He explains his appearance to his cousin, Arcite, from a moment through the eye,/Into [his] heart (); Palamon implies that he has fallen love with Emily and he "ever shall, till death cut [his] heart's nerve." He also argues that he sees her before Arcite does, making it only fair for Emily to be his. As a result, Palamon experiences courtly love in the chamber for a time, since Emily is not aware of him until later in the tale.

In addition to Palamon obsessing over Emily, Arcite falls in love with her as well. He is "chanced to see/This lady as she roamed there to and fro,/And, at that sight, [of] her beauty" he said

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'The freshness of her beauty strikes me dead,

'Hers that I see, roaming in yonder place!

Unless I gained the mercy of her grace,

Unless at least I see her day by day,

I am but dead. There is no more to say.'

This exemplifies how Arcite's love for Emily is also at first sight. Moreover, the woman never sees Acrite either; hence, he loves her unrequitedly. However, Arcite is soon taken out of prison to return to Thebes. Because of his departure, "He felt the stroke of death upon his heart,/He wept, he wailed. How piteously he cried/And secretly he thought of suicide." He additionally tells Palamon that he is "an exile and outcast (6)" and nothing can "do [him] ease (6)". He finally states, "Farewell my life, my joy, my happiness (6)!" These descriptions prove that Arcite thinks of Emily as his complete life, which is a true aspect of true love. Also, while he lives in Thebes, he continues to fancy her even though he is aware that she does not even know he exists. In all, it is amazing how a man can love a woman as distantly as Arcite does, knowing she does not love him in return.

In essence, the cousins are so infatuated with Emily that they become enemies and battle one another. Both characters experience lovesickness and stress from unrequited love. Consequently, passion can take over one's entire life, especially courtly love. Geoffrey Chaucer,Canterbury Tales.

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