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What is the first thing you do when you see someone you don't know? You identify the person based on the way they look. The old saying, "you can't judge a book by its cover," doesn't have much effect on you. You start making assumptions about the person's identity by the shoes and clothes they wear. That's what I make my assumptions off of. After I look at the clothes and shoes I consider the person a skater, jock, preppy or a geek (brains), without ever interacting with the person. What is it that makes me identify these people into different groups?

I dress according to what type of music and activities I do, so I assume everyone else does. That is why I make these assumptions about people. And there seems to be an association between their dress and their activities. Let's talk about the jocks and how I classify someone as a jock. I see them as the big men on campus, wearing clothes that represent their team and sport they play. They usually wear athletic shoes of some kind. I notice Nike's and Adidas most of the time. The hair style can have a wide range of style, ranging from shaved to long. I see more skaters in my opinion than any other group. Skaters have the grunge look, the clothes that are frayed. The shirts are worn kinds tight, and they sag their pants. The skaters wear skater shoes, which are brands like Globe and Etnies. Skaters have a distinct style of hair. Some of them wear it short and spike, and others have it long and everywhere. The differences in dress is one way these groups distinguish their selves from other people, it signifies who they are.

There are two other groups I categorize people into, which would be the preppies and the geeks (brains). When I see someone who wears Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or any designer brand clothes, I start to consider them a preppy. I classify preppies when I see someone with khaki's on with a designer brand collared shirt tucked in. I see preppies having a proper hair cut, with everything in its place. The geeks (brains) are easy to classify. Geeks are the kids who don't fit in any group they have their own style, which tends to be out of style. If it was ever in style, they seem to never match and care much about their appearance. This kind of reflects the activities they do, nothing.

The way someone dresses is a reflection of their personality I think. They wear clothes that represent their culture whether they are a jock, skater, preppy or geek. People judge one another based on the way they look because most people dress in a fashion that reflects their colors as person. I think the way I dress resembles a lot about my nature so I naturally think other people dress to resemble their nature. That is why I make the assumptions I do about jocks, skaters, preppies and geeks. The jocks are the big muscular guys who show their team spirit. While the skaters are representing the grunge look with the wild hair and the frayed clothes. The preppies have their collared shirt tucked in and khaki pants, and the geeks are not matching with no style and any care for their appearance. Those are my assumption for identifying and classifying people into categories. The style of dress and hair style identify these people as who they are based on what they do, and the music they listen to I think.

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