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Advertising, on americas toyota sequoia

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Advertising is a common and powerful tool used by many businesses in society today. It is a form of communication which aims to influence others and get a product well known. Advertising can also illustrate and re-enforce our beliefs while also creating new beliefs in society. Advertisements are also created using the AIDA theory, attention, interest, desire and action.

The purpose of this ad is to promote Toyota's latest family sized off road vehicle in America. By placing the Toyota sequoia in the midst of sequoia national park it re-enforces the car as a recreational vehicle and achieves double the commercial impact towards the car as you hear the name sequoia twice as often in the ad as oppose to putting the car on its own. The picture in this ad was taken at sunset to capture the light on the car making it look more expensive and by doing this they have captured a more relaxed atmosphere. At the top and bottom of the ad they have placed topographical maps showing that the vehicle can go through varied landscapes. The usage of interstate and road signage places emphasis on the Americans desire to travel and also the different colours and font sizes of the signs draws your eyes to that particular part of the ad. The angle of the car also makes the car seem longer and wider.

This ad would be aimed at Americans in there forties that earn a med-high income with children old enough to travel. Some of the embedded ideologies in this ad would be that Americans like to travel long distances, all families are big and all families like to drive big cars.

In America all freeways are large and well maintained so it would be easier to travel by car. In other countries the prices of flights are cheap so it encourages people to fly but in America they aren't. Americans also like getting away on weekends because unlike Australians they don't have blocks of annual leave and driving on a weekend would be much easier and cheaper than flying.

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The word sequoia is named after a pine tree and not many people other than Americans would know this. They are also assuming that all Americans would know that it is sequoia national park in the background of this ad and where the park is situated. Also in America there are a lot of small towns so going through one of these towns with a full car of eight people would most likely double the population.

By reconstructing this ad and placing the Toyota sequoia in front of a rugby field it has changed the target audience from older families to males in there mid twenties or families with young children that enjoy sport. By also changing the contents of the ad as well as the font and text to something eye catching and simple you can capture the interest of the younger audience. This ad now shows that you don't have to do a lot of traveling to drive this car, you don't have to have a big family and the vehicle can be used for multi purpose and not just long distance traveling.

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