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Paradise Lost

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Eve and Adam recount their first encounter both of which are similar but are also marked with disparity. The first of such differences is in that Eve has seen her reflection and therefore knows what she looks like. Adam on the other hand does not indicate that he has seen his own reflection but sees Himself as a reflection of his maker, God. It would appear that Eve has knowledge of her physical appearance and Adam does not, but it would also appear that this is the only knowledge that she possesses that Adam does not.

Eve awakens, "wondering where and what I was, whence thither brought, and how," (451-45). Adam however, knew that she was in the Garden with him, that "Woman is her name," (46), and that she was, "Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, myself before me . . . of man extracted," (45-47). According to her account, Eve is oblivious to the fact that her place is with Adam as she turns after seeing him, to return to the image that she saw in the lake (480), while again, Adam knows that God formed her from his rib to be his mate.

This first encounter shows the inequality of Adam and Eve as Eve herself concedes that Adam is her, " Guide and head," (44-44). She acknowledges that he came first but more importantly that she is nothing without him " without whom am to no end," (441-44). Eve "yielded" (48) to Adam as he led her to their "nuptial bowr" and he himself says that she was compliant (50). So Eve seems to already know that she is to be subservient to Adam.

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One crucial difference separating Eve's interpretation from that of Adam, is the fact that Adam elaborates on the consummation of their union while Eve does not. In this way, the difference in emotional emphasis is all the more evident. Eve seemed less enchanted with Adam after seeing him for the first time. Adam however, was immediately overcome with desirous longing and notions of her fairness. In his account he praises the Lord for what he sees as, "the fairest . . . of all thy gifts," (46). For several lines, he expounds on her grace, dignitie, loveliness, divinity, innocence and modesty. This show of undeniable adoration is not chronicled in Eve's account as she was more enchanted by her own beauty. To say this may make it seem as though Eve was somehow shallow and vain but the fact of the matter is that she was the object of all Adam's desires; she was what he sought from the Lord. On the other hand, she had absolutely no knowledge of her pre-ordained purpose, and acted according to natural instinct, which was to gravitate toward what she found more appealing, which brings me to my next point.

Without being made privy to what is expected of one as a human being, man will naturally function at the appetitive/ bestial level of the Platonic Model of the Human Soul, as Eve did when she turned away from Adam. While Adam, having his human condition made explicitly clear, is able to transcend carnal desire into that of a more profound nature (8-1). His desire for Eve is not purely spiritual but he does see more than just her carnal qualities as he remarks at, "her virtue and the conscience (awareness) of her worth," (50-50).

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