Friday, September 4, 2020

Creative writing

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The doorbell rings.

"Who is it?" No answer.

It rings again. "Hello? Is there anyone there?" I ask as my motionless feet are glued to the ground, my heart starts pounding like a hard hit drum.

Still, no answer.

Then all of a sudden I feel a gush of wind push me towards the door, closer and closer I got, dragging my dead feet with me as I reached out for the doorknob.

I could hear the noises of thunder competing with the rain and the strong husky wind rattling the torn-down shed outside.

These noises were getting louder and louder.

The wind howling like a dying, starving fox which seemed to get closer and closer to me as if it was after my flesh.

I opened the door. No one there, 'oh it was probably some children being silly' I thought to myself as a fierce chill pierced my throat. I quickly forced the door shut and I hurried into the hallway.

I knew it wasn't 'silly children'. I knew I was building a brick wall between reality, and me. Deep down, in my sub-conscious I knew the truth, but I just didn't want to admit it. I had to try to keep us on different sides.

"Ouch!" I shrieked as I ran to drown my smouldering wrist into cold water. My numb trembling hand couldn't take the weight of my cup as my mind was still on the daunting feeling I had experienced.

"Aarrggh, alright that's it!" I whispered to myself as I rushed to the bathroom eagerly hoping that a bath would ease my mind a little.

I sighed in relief as I slipped myself into the lukewarm water. I felt protected between the layers of water as it hugged my chest. I felt like I was a young baby being sheltered from society by her mother. The water was my mother, it has been with me throughout life and I knew she would carry on till the day of judgement. I was completely and utterly relaxed.

I didn't want to move as I heard the doorbell ring again, 'oh, this better be important' I thought to myself as I was about to be removed from my flawless paradise, then I decided to leave the door unopened as it would probably be the 'silly children' returning to irritate me with another juvenile practical joke. The 'children' moved on.

Just then I heard silent footsteps as my sixth sense alerted me that I was no longer alone. I decided to ignore my beliefs until it was proven, as I was being forced down by more then just gravity. Then I heard a brakeage of glass, I stopped breathing for a few seconds but for me it was a few minutes as my heart started to beat rapidly. I was petrified. I wanted to remain in my dreamland and ignore what I had just heard, but I couldn't. I wanted to go downstairs and investigate but somehow fear had hypnotised into staying.

Moment's later, nothing. No other eccentric or mysterious noises has occurred, I took this as a blessing, as I whatever it was had probably left-"what if its waiting for me?" I whispered to myself as I finally plucked up the courage to try to face fear, it wasn't easy.

Acting on my final decision I put on my robe and ran downstairs pushing aside whatever was in my way like an intelligent rapid rat, which was sprinting for freedom after it had been accidentally let lose.

Finally I arrived downstairs. Slowly and swiftly I tiptoed into the lounge not knowing what to expect. Then I saw him.

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