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Gun control

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Gun Control

Custom Essays on Gun control

Gun control is a subject that has been debated for many years in this country; the debate is has many points of views, one of them is who has the rights to carry guns; other is the case for banning the sale and licensing of guns. Gun control is a system the government use in trying to minimize the population's gun rights or ownership. But the case for gun control has not yet won over to end the use and sale of guns; this because the advocacy for gun control has been met with a strong opposition. But there is clearly need for stricter gun laws to make a difficult to own guns and prevent violent crimes by use of guns. This can not be done if both sides the pro-gun control and the opponents come to an agreement. The opponents of gun control stronger following comes from the National Rifle Association, their argument is that individuals have the rights to carry a firearm based on their interpretation of the Second Amendment of the constitution, "…the Second Amendment guarantees to every individual American citizen the rights to own any number or kind of firearms. Any law that bans guns in any form is, ipso facto, unconstitutional. (pg 4 gun control earl kruschke).This is the reason why the argument against individual ownership of guns is hard to debate.

Gun control proponents attack this statements saying that "the Second Amendment does not automatically guarantees an American the right to own a gun for non-defensive reasons".(p5GC) They say that laws on restrictions on guns and ownership can be constitutional because Americans have many rights that are regulated, taking the example that no one has the right to stand in a movie theater and yell out Fire. The same thing can be said about radio stations the government limit's the number of radio stations that use the public airwaves, even though they exercise their freedom of speech, with this gun control advocates support their argument for gun laws. The fight for laws on this issue is different in every state, some states have banned them others have restrictions and waiting periods for licensing. All laws should be implemented that can apply in the whole country; it should not be a single state problem.

The simple reason for more strict laws is crime, violent crimes committed by the use of guns every year; this because of possession of firearms. Many anti-gun control advocates believe that gun control should not be focused on the gun owner, but on the persecution of criminals. But the only way to reduce gun related crime is to make ownership more difficult, one law that was passed to enforce this was the Gun Control Act of 168, this law imposed limitations on persons seeking to engage in the firearm business, and it raised the standards to get a license (Gc17). But it seems that laws have a flaw, this one only fines a person 5,000 for violations and years of prison, the fine and jail time should be harder, because it seems laws don not scare people into getting in gun activities.

This issue gets harder and harder when someone is trying to convince for more strict laws, we have to convince those opponents of gun control that restricting the right to bear arms will without doubt make communities safer. However, to do so it would take a lot more than just prohibiting the sale of guns and making laws to regulate them, the authorities would have to take gun owners guns away to really make a safer society. Many people argue that they have guns for protection from the other people who carry guns. They defend their possession of guns saying they can use their guns to kill an intruder. They also argue that their guns are used to hunt and feed their families. Although these defenses may be true

If a gun is involved there is a possibility of death. Originally, guns were not intended to protect; they were intended to kill. Made for wars, they were weapons of war, in which they were used to fight enemies and to help a country be more powerful, and they are still used for this today. However, today we are fighting a different war. Kids are killing kids on rampages through schools. Gang members use gun to kill someone that they just dont like, and then the other gangs must retaliate, which makes it a never-ending cycle.

The intent of a gun, whether to protect or not, is to kill someone else. Though I think that guns are awful and should be restricted around the country, but many think it would be violating a person rights under the Second Amendment. In being perfectly aware of this right, I know that it would be illegal to restrict the right to bear arms in any community. This is a scary but true reality. However, the question is about safety, not about the law. One can clearly see that if there were no guns, there would be no gun-related crimes; therefore, one can conclude that the community would be safer. Many people die each year from guns. It is because of the Second Amendment that killers are allowed to purchase guns.

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