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In any business, the process of communication is a vital part of internal company awareness and organization. When communication channels are interrupted or even broken, employee production can be affected, resulting in the loss of time and most importantly money. In recent years Bingham Equipment Company has grown and expanded throughout the state with the addition of new facilities and locations. With the recent expansions, new problems have surfaced concerning communication issues between locations and employees.

The breakdown of internal communication has led to disgruntled employees and unsatisfied management officials. In order for all departments to efficiently operate and coincide with each other, a strategic breakdown focusing on the root of the problem need to be assessed. With the current facts and information surrounding the issue, a developed plan of action will help determine the source of the problem and an effective solution to the communication breakdown.

As mentioned above, Bingham spent several years growing its company and its presence statewide; it also developed a chasm isolating locations and its employees. Growth should have increased its economies of scale; instead, the company became increasingly inefficient.

A lack of communication between locations was identified as a culprit of the shrinking profits. A major side effect of breakdown was a slowly simmering pot of unhappy and unproductive employees. Problems of this sort take years to developteam efforts and company goals seemed more like clich's than they were a reality.

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The aforementioned problems surfaced many times, management seemed to have more pressing financial matters to deal with and seemingly shoved the internal struggles 'under the rug'. So the communication breakdown problem was identified early on but its existence seemingly became something employees became used to.

The breakdown created two situations that needed to be addressed; the first was simple and obvious enoughmultiple employees doing the same task. A request from corporate would be to generate invoices and purchase orders from individual locations. Several employees duplicated the documents from each locale when only one employee from each station needed to handle the request.

Secondly, when you have several employees handling the same paperwork it creates a lot of time wasted. Negative employee production and a lack of sales are benefactors of wasted time management. Sales at Bingham were affected negatively because of time wasted, production dropped and an analysis needed to occur in order to fix the problem.

The use of information is valuable in analyzing a problem. In the effort to solve our workplace dilemma within the company, a decision was made to establish a committee. The committee concentrated on two problem-solving techniques. First was the gathering of information. Enlisting several delegates within the company did this and sending them forth to retrieve valuable feedback. The next is direct experience this was accomplished by diverse selection. The enlistment of employees with tenure is a valuable tactic in getting closer to our solution.

A good process used was that of establishing a flowchart. This gave the committee a visual on the process to be used and made it possible to view all aspects of the complexity of the situation.

Figure 1.

The established guidelines from the committee are as follows

1. Establish a newsletter

. Monitor all events within the company

. Report these events

4. Inform all employees of the different aspects of the company i.e., how the cog of the operation works.

5. Reform and implement internet availability

As in a large company or in a small team, internal communication plays a critical role in any organization strength comes from within. Communication should be efficient, strengthen leadership, and promote the organization's strategic goals. Bingham Equipment Company has learned over the recent years that if they want to expand throughout the state and different departments grow they need to communicate effectively to do so.

As a company such as Bingham Equipment it is a vital part of the process to succeed and in order to accomplish what they want from employees, management, and the rest of the staff throughout the company they must communicate. Using critical skills, administrative knowledge, having the information, and thinking clearly will help them grow as a company not only getting bigger, but better. It will be a challenge for management to delegate specific tasks and duties from the individual employees and that they use there time management skills to accomplish their goals. The employees will also need to work together in communicating to each other and helping one another to solve the problems that Bingham Equipment Company is experiencing. Time can only tell if the problem will be solved and that the work will be done.

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