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Overwhelmed by the terror of a deserted inheritance, the young Ygnacio renounced his love, and subjected himself to his fathers will. To him, (the father) it wasnt enough to sacrifice his love, and imposed on him the testamentary sentence of marrying with the heiress of someone big in Spain. It was like this how he married doña Olalla Mendoza, a very beautiful woman with great and many talents, to whom he kept a virgin so as he couldnt allow her to have a child. Otherwise, he kept living as he was living since he was born, a useless single man.

Doña (miss) Olalla de Mendoza brought him back to the world. They went to the important mass, more to show themselves, than to participate, her with large black skirts of many layers, and beautiful robes, and the high cornet (type of crown worn by Spanish nobility, and/or important people for special occasions) with the white of Castilla, and with a group of (female) slaves dressed in silk, and covered in gold. Instead of the walking shoes worn at home that even the more fussy wore at church, she wore cordovan boots of high heels and pearl ornaments. Contrary to some other important people that used anachronistic wigs, and emerald buttons, the marquis wore full length cotton clothes, and white _________(judges cap). Nevertheless he always attended obligatoringly to the public events because he could never beat the fright of social life.

Doña Olalla had been the alumna of Scarlatti Domenico in Segovia (Spain), and had obtained the license to teach music, and song in the schools, and the convents. She arrived from there with a clavichord of loose pieces, that she herself furnished, and diverse string instruments that she played and taught to play with great virtue. She formed a group of novices that sacrificed the afternoons (of Ygnacio) with winds (airs) of Italy, of France, of Spain, and of which it came to be said that it was inspired by the holy spirit.

The marquis seemed inept for the music. It was said, after a French fashion, that he had hands of an artist, and ears of an artilleryman. But from the day they fired their instruments, he fixed his sight on the Italian tiorba, for the rarity of its double clavier, the size of its diapason, the number of its nitride voice. Doña Olalla pledged that they would play as well as her. They passed the mornings __________(concaneando) exercises under the trees in the orchard, her with patience and love, and he with ____________(stone breaker) stubbornness, until the sorry madrigal gave itself up to them without a hurt?

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The music made better the conjugal harmony that Doña Olalla dared to take the final step. A stormy night, possibly faking being scared which se didnt feel, she went to the room of her untouched husband.

Im the owner of half this bed, she told him, And I come to get it!

He kept himself alert. Sure of convincing him either through reason or through force, she kept trying. Life did not give them much time. A November th they were playing a duet under the orange trees, because the air was pure, and the high cloudless sky, when a thunder blinded, and shock them, and Doña Olalla fell because of death.

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