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The metamorphosis

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Gregor Samsa, as well as his family, goes through a metamorphosis. Gregor turns into a beetle like vermin, who is shunned out of his familys life. Grete, Gregors sister, is the only one brave enough to help him. Gregor watches how his transformation affects every single person in his life, and how he cannot do anything to help his family or himself. His mother starts motivating herself, which enables her to help with the family needs. His father, the strong man of the household, buckles at his knees at the sight and the thought of his new beetle like son. Mr. Sasma is challenged to have to go back to work and make money for the family. Although Gregor is the only one out of his family who goes through an actual physical metamorphosis, it changes everybody around him in some way.

Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find that he has gone through a metamorphosis and has changed into a beetle like vermin. He thinks at first that he will be welcomed by his family and they will take care of him, and then he realizes his family will not help him. They will only reject his new ways. Gregor Samsa wonders why he has changed into a beetle like vermin and why anybody wants him going through this horrible phase. As Gregor watches his family discard him, he apprehends that he held his family together, and without him, they fall apart. Gregor was the bug that did all the work for the family. Now that he is not there to do their slave work, they start falling apart. He used to work a hard job and raise money for his family, but now his father has to work to support the house. Gregor takes for granted the little things in his life such as the ability to talk, walk, sleep, and even eat. He used to rely on himself to get anything done in the house but know he has to rely fully on his sister to even live. Gregors metamorphosis happens so that he will have to learn how to rely on others in life and not just on himself. Gregor begins to see that it is only a matter of time before his father or someone else will end up killing him or leaving him to die.

Grete, Gregors sister helps him stay alive before he is killed. She is use to having Gregor and her father taking care of the house while she goes to school and plays the violin. She is young and free and that is how life is supposed to be for children. When Gregor changes into a beetle, her world turns upside down. She is responsible for Gregors life. She has to feed him and she even has to move furniture in his room so that he will be comfortable. One time she even hides Gregor so that their mother can come in and help her move a piece of furniture for Gregor. She acts as if she cares deeply for Gregor and does not want anything to happen to him, but towards the end she watches as her father locks Gregor up and does nothing to protect him this time, like she has done in the past. Before Gregors change life was easy going for Grete but when Gregor changes her life is not caring just for herself anymore it is also caring for Gregors needs.

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Mrs. Samsa does not take care of the needs of the family before Gregors change; she relies on Gregor to do all the work. She abuses him by making him do all the work for the family and if it is not done, she gets mad. After Gregors change she can not rely on Gregor anymore so she gets up and does things for herself and her family. Mrs. Samsa begins to see that the need of her family and herself are important and that she needs to get up and help. Gregor was no longer there for her to boss around and things had to be done in the house so she can not use the excuse of asthma anymore. If she wants her families and her needs to get done, she is going to have to do it herself from now on.

Mr. Samsa provides for all the needs of the family. He goes to work and works hard so that his family can eat and sleep in a house. Before the metamorphosis, Gregor would provide for the family by working, but after the metamorphosis, he is left to provide for the family. Gregors father will not acknowledge him and leaves him to die in his room. He feels Gregor is a burden and a disgrace to his family after he changes into a beetle like vermin. He finally gets the nerve one afternoon to put Gregor in a small room and leave him to die. Gregors father does not realize how much he needs Gregor in his life until he is gone and can not get him back.

The metamorphosis allows the family to see how much they rely on each other for trust, comfort, and life. When Gregor turns into a beetle like vermin, the family begins to see that, the abused Gregor by making him work for the needs of the family. They see how much they need him in their lives, and that is when they decide to get up and start working for each other. While Gregor is being neglected by his parents, he also realizes that the person he hurt the most, his sister, comes to help him when he is in need of care. Gregor watches from his bug life how his family cannot abuse him anymore and that his family is now realizing they need each other to survive. His work is now done and he can be free.

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