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Imagine a world in which time meant nothing. Where people where free to come and go as they pleased, do what they'd like, when they'd like. They took pleasure in the moment they were in; with out having to worry about what they had to do next.

A daughter reunited with her mother, free to talk for as long as they'd like, able to share, together, the past eighteen years they've been apart. An elderly man talking to his barber about nothing in particular, his thin grey hair falling to the ground. A women wearing a velvet dress flags down a taxi. The birds singing their cheerful songs liven up a somber day. A newlywed husband takes the rest of the day off, just to take his bride out to the country. The sun fades, but the young twins continue to play in the freshly packed powder snow. A tall antenna with a blinking red light at the top. A bar full of people, smiling, singing, dancing, enjoying every moment for what it is worth. Across the street the paperboy loads up his bicycle preparing to embark on an adventure. A grandfather and his granddaughter Mary spend quality time together. With the sun illuminating the sky a garden begins to blossom. An overwhelming freshness fills the air, like a grandmothers cooking. Friends spend increasing amounts of time together, lifting their spirits. A fire erupts in the center of town, frantic yelling as an ambulance's siren hollows in the background. A young couple enjoys a snack at the peak of day, watching others rush through life. The sound of a jet whizzes by in the bright blue sky. A child glances out the window to a large harvest field bundles of hay lie around. A run down food stop, drinks spilled, bugs on the window. A boy's first night sleeping with a woman, the nerves, the chills, the changes he goes through. An empty park, swings, tetar- totters, an enormous sandbox. Sunset over the ocean, as lovers lie in the warm sand. The trees empty, after a sever winter snow storm, white crystals all along the bark of the tree. News about war everywhere, spreading as quickly as an epidemic. A young man shocked about what he hears, tears come to his face. Clouds appear, causing a shadow and weakening smiles. A family of four goes on vacation, the baby begins to cry. A clothing hamper. A dog waits around the house, bored and lonely waiting for its owner to come home. Endless time with no responsibility. The excitement and jitters that occur when you're anticipating seeing a long distance friend. A little girl wakes up, warm and protected by the many bundles of sheets. Outside a cold gust of wind, shaking the screens off a coffee shop window. Soon everyone becomes so wrapped up in all the freedom that no one knows where to go. The grocery store is closed the owner wanted to go fishing. Restaurants are closed, they haven't gotten food delivered in two weeks. A young teenager raped. Police officials kick back and go on vacation. The stock market silent, the numbers motionless, the stock exchangers would rather be on the golf course. Laws are rejected, they hold no weight. So let's go to this wonderland and be free… Oh wait what's free going to be like, is there going to be criminals on the streets, drugs polluting everyone's minds? Better think things through a couple times before you jump - into a whole new world.

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