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An Extraordinary Mother

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What kind of woman does it take to overcome so many obstacles and raise twelve successful children? It takes a woman like Ruth McBride. In the novel The Color of Water written by James McBride, he goes on a search to find his identity by discovering about his mother, Ruth, and her past. Ruth McBride sets an example of an amazing mother, who would do anything and everything for her twelve children. Ruth McBride showed what a fabulous mother she was through her determination, her self-sacrificial ways, the tough love she gave her children. One of Ruth's most predominant qualities as a mother was her determination for her kids.

Determination is one of the many things that made Ruth such a remarkable mother. First, when her first husband, Dennis, died, he abandoned her with seven kids to raise as a single mother. She took as many jobs as necessary to support her kids and try to provide them with a decent childhood. It took a lot of courage for her to not break down or give up when she was left with a handful of kids for whom she had total responsibility. Also, she showed extreme determination to get her children a good education so they would not become nobodies. She constantly tried to get her children completely focused on school and nothing else. She pushed all of her kids to attend school because she did not want them to let the color of their skin limit their potential in life. Lastly, when her second husband, Hunter Jordan, passed away, once again he left her with a bunch of children to raise. Hunter said to Ruth, "I'll help you for the rest of my life, if you'll marry me"(47). He helped her for the rest of his life as he promised. However, this time she had twice as many kids to worry about. She was a determined single mother still raising young children, but also trying to put her older kids through college. Along with showing extreme determination, Ruth also showed her self-sacrificial ways.

The second thing that stood out about Ruth as a mother was how much of herself she sacrificed for her children. First and foremost, Ruth cut ties completely with her Jewish family and friends back in Sulfolk, Virginia to leave with Dennis and start a family. None of her children would exist on this earth if Ruth had not made the sacrifice of leaving her Jewish family behind. When Ruth boarded the bus to go to New York, he father told her something, which led to this sacrifice. "If you marry a nigger, don't ever come home again. Don't come back"(15). Secondly, she worked several jobs to try and support her twelve offspring. She exhausted herself day and night working to provide her children with food and clothes and any other necessities. Finally, Ruth faced a lot of discrimination, but stuck it out because she did not want her kids to be affected by it. As she walked down the street with her crew of biracial children, many racist comments were made towards her. She simply ignored these harsh comments because she did not want her children to think there was anything wrong with them. Although Ruth treated her kids very kindly, she also gave them tough love.

Ruth McBride severely disciplined her children, but she did it for their own good. First, when James went through his rebel period, he would come home at outlandish hours in the morning, high on drugs or alcohol. Ruth would take off her belt and beat him senseless with it, hoping it would teach him a lesson. Even though this seemed cruel to James and his siblings at the time, in the long run it taught them discipline and made them better people. Also, Ruth would scold her children if they shared their business from home with the students and teachers in school. The kids did not understand why their mother would come down so hard on them for it, but it was for their own good. Ruth did not want her children sharing information with other people outside of the family because it would just cause more problems and distract them from getting an education. One time when James asked what race he was, Ruth answered, "You're a human being, educate yourself or you'll be a nobody"(). Lastly, when James got really out of control, she sent him to spend some time with her sister-in-law Jack and her husband. She hoped this trip would straighten him out. Even though he hung out on the corner most of the time, something good did come out of it. The Chicken Man gave James a few words of wisdom that eventually set him on the path to reform. Ruth did what she had to do to get her children to make something of themselves.

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In conclusion, James McBride depicted Ruth McBride as a remarkable mother in The Color of Water. She showed her determination by working so hard to provide for her children's needs and education. Ruth made many sacrifices for her children such as leaving her Jewish roots behind to start a family with Dennis and tolerating so much prejudice for many years. She punished her children very gravely but in the long run, it made them better people. Ruth McBride was a truly extraordinary mother.

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