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Imagine a sound or kind or music you never heard before. The sound made you want to get right up and move no matter where you were. With intelligent poetry for lyrics and high pitch electric guitars blaring through a song, in an off pattern way. This among other great qualities was At the drive-in for me. A post-Punk Rock band that evolved into a crazy melodic Rock sound through the years. The band made about five CDs before, in my opinion the best, their last CD made together called Relationship of Command. This CD came out in the year 000 and was labeled the most intense Rock album of the year. As far as touring and live performances, these guys are a rowdy bunch. With the two members with Afros jumping around like their shoes are on fire. "Where're the people who'll hang out at the club for two hours while not say anything and watching the opening bands", said guitarist Jim Ward. "Then on stage we go crazy." Having being a band for over twelve years, had many differences, broke up. Many articles and interviews stated the members didn't want fans to have expectations for the next record. They produced a great one and had differences on what to do next.

The lead guitarist, Omar Rodriguez and lead singer Cedric Bixler went to an already standing band called De Facto. The other three members went to start a band from scratch called Sparta. Both bands put out some samples of their band in the following year. Then Sparta Made and album called Wiretap Scares. They went a little bigger than the other members in their band and even appeared on the Conan O'Brien Show. I recently went to the Newport to see Sparta and a couple other bands and it was fantastic. Meanwhile, the other two members rallied up the people from De facto and others to start a full-blown band by the name of The Mars Volta. These guys toured before recording a CD on Universal/GSL records, which is due to arrive around springtime of this year. I also listen to The Mars Volta and like their material as well, but can't wait to see them if I get the opportunity. The Mars Volta our going on a tour with old friends after recording and the album is released. "We will be touring around the summer of next year with The Rd Hot Chilly Peppers", said Cedric lead singer of The Mars Volta. "I know the guys and already wanted to do a show with them while in A.T.D.I., but our schedules were always off."

Why not just stick together? I can see the band members having differences over that long period of time, but why not just take a break or have some side projects with other bands. "I think all the touring is what really slammed us at the end", said Cedric from The Mars Volta in an interview. I could see what he means, but learn from your mistakes and next tours don't work so hard in hoping from show to show. At least they stuck the last tour out and maybe that's what stirred up some differences. You can't just think the fans know you break up and never read about what the members are doing after wards. Being an A.T.D.I fan myself I followed the members of the band and had an expectation of their new sound and bands. So no matter how hard if you already have a sound that people are familiar with and like why start over and think no expectations will stir forth. I guess I would have to talk to the members of the bands and find out for myself. Now, that would be a dream within itself.

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