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Old Bull Lee

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As many Beat writers are famous for, in On The Road, Jack Kerouac illustrates many of his characters after the personalities of his real-life friends and acquaintances. One specific example of this is through the character "Old Bull Lee," who is meant to portray the actual author and lasting friend of Kerouac's, William S. Burroughs.

William S. Burroughs was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 114, into a successful business family. After graduating from Harvard University in 1, Burroughs moved to Chicago and later New York. In New York, Burroughs met a group of Columbia University students including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. He also met his future common-law wife there, Joan Vollmer Adams. Soon Burroughs became heavily addicted to morphine. In 147, Vollmer and Burroughs had a son, William S. Burroughs, Jr. Joan was addicted to Benzedrine, so they began relocating to such places as New Orleans, Texas, and Mexico City where it was easier to obtain cheaper drugs. Burroughs accidentally killed Vollmer in September of 151 in a William-Tell-style murder. After the tragic event, Burroughs traveled to South America in search of a drug called yage; he soon grew restless once more and moved to Tangier. Following the death of his wife, Burroughs developed a sort of writing obsession. In his lifetime, William S. Burroughs was able to write numerous books, many of which while heavily intoxicated, and became known as one of the most important figures of the Beat era. Some of his most famous works include Junky, The Naked Lunch, Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict, and The Yage Letters. William Burroughs died in 17 due to heart failure.

It was obviously very hard for Kerouac to not include his good friend Burroughs in his many novels due to the interesting lifestyle that Burroughs led. As Old Bull Lee in On The Road, Kerouac depicts Burroughs as how he essentially was in real life. Old Bull was "long, lean, strange, and laconic;" just as in actuality, he was also much older than the rest of his friends and therefore served as a father figure for the young travelers. Old Bull was constantly urging Sal (Jack Kerouac) and the rest to write and express their thoughts; he was an important teacher and role model to many of the characters. Perhaps the most obvious instance of Kerouac using Burroughs's experiences in life as part of On The Road, is when Sal, Dean and company visit Old Bull in New Orleans. Here, Kerouac demonstrates how Old Bull's wife is addicted to Benzedrine, as in real life; he also tells how Old Bull spends the very little money he has on drugs. Sal realizes that Old Bull serves as a teacher of wisdom to his young friends when Bull recounts his crazy adventures in traveling the world. It is also revealed that he apparently suffers from multiple personalities. Old Bull then proceeds to offer everyone marijuana to smoke before they eat dinner and then shows off his infamous gun collection which Burroughs was the proud owner of in actual life. There are many other instances throughout the novel where Kerouac reveals Burroughs's different personalities, but this one perhaps most clearly illustrates the importance of Burroughs to Kerouac and the other Beat writers of his time.

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