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Chapter 4

Categories of trends which effect the personal training service

Demographical trend

It is known the demographical condition changes from time to time. Nowadays the important changes in the family structure and the aging effect help us to find out opportunities for our services.

People who are under the aging effect difficulty go to gyms and want a private personal training instructor who will focus on their specific needs. It is also important to pay attention on the rapid changing in the family structure.

In the past all the money were spent for covering the basic family needs such as food, clothing, health and education. Gym was considered to be a luxury, few could afford. Nowadays in every neighborhood there is at least one gym. Due to the modern way of living, people need to gum in order not only to improve their physical appearance but more important to prevent health problems. The lack of time makes personal training the best solution.

Social-cultural trend

We are going to examine the influence of individual and family structure values. All these act as tools in order to change the consumer taste and behavior. Practically societies are accepting easier personal training services because nowadays the non existence of free time has developed a demand minimization on the gyms. Also parking problems have made personal training a trendy habit because give the opportunity to gym in the customers residence which mean in a stress-free environment at the time the consumer wants

Economical trend

In the past personal training was a service only for rich persons, all the others were covering more basic needs which are specified in the lower parts of the Maslow pyramid such as food, a place to stay, cloths. Right now the economical development which we have seen in the previous years helped as out to spare income in more advanced needs .

This has created the market gap for us in order to develop our service.. Economy wants more and more hours of productivity in work. People can afford to give money to a gym but are not able to spent time in order to go there .What a gym consumer avoids, is more stress in his life so the ability of been gymed in his place is going to be the most valuable one.

Political and legal trend

Another very important issue is the political and legal environment .In order to go in business we must have the legal approval for this service so our employees must have degrees recognized by the state in order to have the permition to go on as trainers. Also our firm must follow the government law and pay taxes .Our office must has the authorization to work in order of not having law problems and we must pay money in the security unions for our workers.

Technological trend

We all know technology changes in an extremely fast way so it affects our business. The huge development of telecommunications help us to create and maintain a close relationship with our customers .The advertisement is easier because more and more customer use the world-wide web so we can establish an internet site presenting our personal training services.

As we all have seen telemarketing provides gym machinery which can not sale only because the customers need someone to show them exactly how the exercise must be done and how many times. People who used this machinery without the assistance of a personal training have faced health problems created by this inappropriate usage.

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