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Argument style

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Argument Style

Everyone has a different type of argument style, as well as many influences that persuade a person to use his or her style. Some of these influences come from cultural backgrounds, gender, nationality, national origin, or maybe just a life experience leans a person toward a certain argument style. Some people may also change argument styles according to a certain situation.

Evaluation of an argument can also bring out what kind of argument style a person uses. When I argued last the issue was about whether or not it was better to walk to school or to drive to school. I was trying to prove that it would be better to walk to school than to drive. In order to prove my point or to get my way I pointed out reasons why I think to walk would be a better choice. I also began to look at both sides of the argument and looked from the other end of the perspective. This really does describe may argument style because I always want to view both perspectives and compare and contrast and weight them out and see witch on e comes out on top.

The influences that I have experienced that show my argument style are my cultural background, and some personal experiences. My cultural background is Hispanic. I also think that my gender has something to do with that. In the book it has some information about Hispanic females and that they have a more consensual style of argument. I feel I fall into that category and I do prefer connection over contention.

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I really do not have an ideal arguer, however I do believe that to become an excellent arguer you must take positions on both sides of the argument. So I so believe that I do have a good start to becoming an effective arguer. The influences on my style of argument work out well for me.

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