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Andrew jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States as well as the first westerner to be elected to presidency. Throughout Jackson's presidency he was looked up upon by many people and made many decisions that have a major impact on the United States. What Jackson's beliefs were based on were to help the common man the working class but in the long run really did nothing for them. As well as farmers and workers the phrase common people also referred to the native Americans and the African Americans but that as well ended up in promoting slavery and taking all of the American Indians land despite what the supreme court had said. In the course of Andrew Jackson's presidency he had a negative impact on the untied states and established negative precedents for the time he served and beyond because of poor and unnecessary decisions resulting in negative manner.

The first decision that Jackson made that was not only legally wrong but also morally wrong was the trail of tears and the forced removal of Indians tribes. By 180 Jackson had many tribes sign treaties, and they would agreeably move west. Then the Sauk and Fox tribes would not move so Jackson ordered troops to forcibly remove and relocate them so that white settlers could move in and settle. While this was occurring the Cherokee nation tried to win fair treatment through the American judicial system and won in the court case of Worcester vs. Georgia. The Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a "distinct political community" and that there land could not be invaded, what Jackson did was completely ignore what the supreme court had said and removed the Indians anyway which is known today as the trail of tears a march in which 1/4 of the Cherokee nation died. All of this resulted in a costly Indian war and a constitutional controversy between the president and the Supreme Court.

Another decision that Jackson had made was his attacks on the national bank. What Jackson believed was that the national banks credit policies were the cause of the panic of 181. What Jackson did was fired his secretary of treasury and hired one that agreed to place all of the new deposits in certain state banks. Though Jackson's actions did expire the charter of the second national bank, New York bankers New York as the "financial capital of the United States". Consequently from shutting down the national bank the efficiency and control loss lead to the panic of 187 and also led to the overextension of credit by the state banks that were known as the "pet banks".

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The last decision that Jackson made that was utterly absurd was the spoils system. What the spoils system was was that incoming officials throw out previous appointees and replace them with their own friends. The replacements under this system were les qualified than those being replaced and it hurt the self-esteem of the civil service. Under this system it also increased corruption and destroyed any speck or hope of a two party government.

Andrew Jackson had a very hypocritical way of running the country when he was in office. Jackson had a negative impact on the United States and established negative precedents for the time he was in office and beyond. Jackson can be labeled as one of the most contradictory presidents ever. Jackson's way of running the country was to private and not open to disapproval, and many horrible things happened because of it.

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